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Make Your Sales Page Convert Better With Graphics

Jan 16, 2008
Your sales page, the most important piece of your internet marketing system. It can make you or break you. You can have the most traffic of any site on the internet, but if you have a sales page that does not convert any of your visitors into buyers, all that traffic is for naught. You always need to work on your sales page to make it convert the maximum number of visitors that it can. The proper graphics can make a big difference.

The first thing your sales page must do is convince your prospective customer that you are legitimate. No one is going to lay down their hard earned money on something that looks like it is being sold by a fly by night operation. A well designed sales page, with the right amount of graphics in the right places will make your site and ultimately you look professional

The second thing graphics can do on your sales page is to brand you. If part of your goal is to brand yourself or brand your product as a leading product in a niche, then you will want to have a header that portrays that.

Have you seen many of the sites of the very successful and famous internet marketers? They all have headers that help to define them and their product. Many times the header uses a photo of them. Their goal is to make sure that everyone identifies them as the expert in their niche.

Another function that graphics can provide is to help you define the points that you want your customers to see. For example, if you have a list of benefits, a large graphic check mark next to each benefit will help to draw your customer to each point. If you just have the usual dot to identify your bullet point, some important information, vital to your sales pitch, might be missed.

Graphics can help your customer find your guarantee. A large Guarantee Medallion on your sales page drives the customer's attention right to your guarantee, which is always an important part of getting the sale. The graphic makes it harder for you prospect to overlook this.

One final graphic may be the most important of all. The sales button. One thing they always say is you have to ask for the sale. You have to tell the customer to buy. A large graphic button that says "BUY NOW:CLICK HERE!" is much more effective than the text that says "click the link below to make your purchase".

The sales button screams out "YOU HAVE TO BUY NOW" The text says maybe you should buy if you think you like the product. The graphic BUY NOW button will induce your customer to take action now!

Your sales page is the most important web page you have in your online selling system. The goal of the sales page is to convert as many visitors as possible into buying customers. Anything you can do that will help your conversion rate must be incorporated into the sales page. If you know the right graphics to use and how to use them they can vastly improve your sales page effectiveness.
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