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Why You Should Become A Problem Solving Expert

Jan 16, 2008
Make no mistake, any employer will love you if you can solve problems. Employers will employ you if you can sort their problems for them, even if it doesn't say so in the job description. Therefore it pays to be as good at problem solving as you can possibly become.

But problem solving does not stop at work. Solving problems is our daily bred and butter, we do it all the time, intuitively, automatically and even subconsciously.

Basically problem solving is an attitude. The natural problem solver does not view a challenging situation as a problem. In fact he or she may even get excited at the prospect of a challenge. When you feel your problems are overwhelming you, you are basically in a limiting and negative frame of mind.
This attitude can be changed of course.

You can learn problem solving, it is a skill like any other. There is no magic involved, All you need is be willing to adopt a different mind set and try new ideas.

Problem solving is about creating new ideas.

The reason most of us have very little or no problem solving skills is to do with our upbringing. The educated mind thinks in linear and logical ways. This not necessarily the best way to get into problem solving mode. In the old paradigm problem solving methods are highly pro-active, produces stress and creates urgency to get immediate results.

This old paradigm of going about life in general is becoming redundant. New, better techniques, mainly from the field of energy psychology pave the way for easier, less stressful ways to solve our daily lot.

Problem solving becomes much easier when you use intend, relaxation and simple re framing techniques. The Secret is allowing things to come to you, rather then you chasing them.

Allowing is a very powerful tool. When you relax with the intention to find the solution to a vexing problem, without constantly focusing on it, you are allowing the answer to come to you. You are switching the neuro transmitters to receiving mode, so to speak. And this is all you have to do.

I know it sounds unreal and you don't really want to follow my advice, because you think it does not work. After all, it goes against all your instincts and what we have learned. You believe that you need to always be pro-active, otherwise you get nowhere.

I am not telling you to stop doing things and sit around idly whilst you wait for an answer to your problem to pop into your head. But I am asking you to relax, observe, sit quietly, or do something else, or sleep over the problem, and then see what happens.

Watch for signs to the answers. You don't even have to consciously watch, it will just happen. I assure you the answers will come, sooner then you think. They will come in the form of a telephone call, a news article, a book, something you see on television or on a web site,

This is the time to take action, now you are getting nearer to the solution of whatever it is that's bugging you. You have worked less hard, worried less and stressed less over it. Just think, if you can learn to solve problems in this way, how much better off you will be. You will have more time, feel more relaxed and probably get a lot more done in your day too.
About the Author
Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an Energy Therapist who helps people integrate mind, body and environment for a healthier life
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