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HR Analytics, Its Issues And Outside HR Analysis Help

Jan 16, 2008
HR Analytics is the process of reviewing the performance of a Company's workforce. This process results in a listing of the company's general strengths and weaknesses as well as each individual employee's abilities. There are a lot of issues that surround HR analysis. Most of these issues stem from the fact that HR analytics reports on a numerical plane. People and humanitarian advocates have complains saying that it is unethical to reduce a person's overall performance into a mere set of numbers. HR Analysis also has its own pros and cons that a company must consider before going into an in depth analysis of their work force.

HR analysis is established so that companies can get an idea of how their employees are performing. HR Analysis can be performed with the use of several methods. One of these methods is a review of an employee's skill as well as employee testing. Reviewing is done by looking through employee records as well as any Incidental Reports that may have been filed over the time that they have been employed. HR Analytics are the main reason why employees need to detail specifics when they submit Incidental Reports because a vague report can cause suspicion towards the employee when HR analysis is conducted.

With HR Analysis, employees can be called to testing centers in order to get an idea of their skill level in comparison to the work that they perform. This can seem very taxing and sometimes demeaning to employees, hence raising a lot of complains and protests. HR analysis is necessary for firms and companies that require the highest performance levels from their employees. HR Analysis reports are given in numeric form and because of this, company's have an idea as to which employee needs to undergo further training and also which employee can be moved up in the workforce ladder. HR Analytics may sometimes include personality tests for employees.

There are several issues that surround HR Analysis and one of them is the undying: It is unethical to quantify a person's overall performance into numeric data. They argue that there is definitely more to a human being than just Zeros, dots and percentages. Another issue is that HR analysis tends to pigeon hole an employee. If an employee performance is deemed below par then there is a chance that an employee may choose to live by such analysis and perform at a low level also.

HR Analysis can be performed by professionals. There are firms all over the country that can be reached and they will be the ones to perform an analysis of your Human Resource. If a company does choose to have a separate firm to do HR analysis, the company is then relying on the fact that they will be given a completely objective account of employee performance. Negatively, HR Analytics Firms may not give accurate data because they are only getting information from one side of the fence. After all it is important to get both Observed and Reported cues in order to get accurate results. HR Analytic firms may not have enough Observed data and that is the reason that a collaborative (the company's own HR department and an HR analysis firm) Analysis be performed in order to get the best results.
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