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Change Your Belief, Change Your Internet Marketing Business

Jan 16, 2008
How is your Internet Marketing business attitude? When was the last time you took a few minutes to discover you "core beliefs"? Do you over-analyze your Internet Marketing company or its program and opportunities? Do you continually look for little things to blame for your lack of progress? Are you convinced your up line is not interested in helping you? Well the hard truth about Internet Marketing is that for every step you take forward, you can take several steps backwards if you are not careful about your attitude.

We all need to look at our attitude to discover the "core beliefs" that guide our actions. When we acknowledge that these beliefs are preventing us from reaching our pinnacle of success, we can then change them. Only we can control our thoughts and thus our ultimate freedom. So what can you do to improve in your Internet Marketing business today? Here are a few simple steps to help you maintain focus and control in your Internet business and your personal life.

1) Search Your Heart and Mind to Discover Your Beliefs:
Discover who you really are and what you really believe about the various aspects of Internet Marketing. Do you believe you need to defend your decision to join an Internet Marketing company, for example, are you proud that you decided to become an entrepreneur? Do you have a "poverty mentality" or a "prosperity mentality"? Do you believe that there is too much competition in your niche or that there is enough business for everyone? Do you believe that outside forces are in control or that you are in control of everything that happens? When you take the time to search your heart and mind and discover the beliefs that that you are allowing to control you, you have taken the first step toward improving in Internet Marketing.

2) Assume Responsibility for Destructive Beliefs:
If you believe a situation is caused by another person or some outside force, you need to understand that you are choosing to accept that belief. That's right, you heard me, we all have the opportunity to decide what we will or will not believe in. You can chose to believe that the economy is hurting your Internet business or that it is helping you on the road to success. Once you have faced the reality that you and only you are responsible for everything you believe, you can move on to take the next step.

3) Replace a Destructive Belief with a New Productive Belief:
This is usually the most challenging step. You will need to gain control of your mind in order to control your beliefs. I use the process of thought interruption but there are numerous methods to try. When a destructive belief or negative thought comes into my mind I start to sing some silly little made up song. Your mind can not think of two things at the same time. Then I immediately replace it with a positive or productive thought/belief. Some people say "thank you for sharing" to the negative and then replace it with positive. If you believe you will have major challenges in Internet Marketing, then you will have challenges. If you believe that with proper training and sound systems you will succeed, then you will succeed. Whatever you do or do not believe about Internet Marketing will become your reality.

4) Be Positive and Do Not Worry:
I know it is easier said than done but you can make it so. Doesn't it just drive you absolutely crazy when others around you are always negative about anything? Don't you feel so much better when they leave? You will be miles ahead of these people if you just start to look at things in a positive manner. Instead of thinking "No one wants the product or business I have to offer" rethink it as "There are lots of people searching for opportunity on the Internet and all I need to do is advertise and do my work and many of these people will join with me and purchase what I have to offer them". And never forget when you worry about something you are actually focusing on exactly what you do not want to happen instead of on what you want to happen. Shut out the monkeys in your mind, instead keep on chanting "don't worry, be happy" until they run away.

5) Surround Yourself with the Positive People in Internet Marketing:
Let's face it, we all know people who are negative about internet marketing and life in general, and you need to avoid these people like the plague. Negative people are like vampires and they will soon be sucking the life from you. It is extremely important to your success to interact with positive people who are moving forward and upward. It is helpful to seek out like minded individuals and form a mastermind group, this can be an avenue for support and for learning. Just remember that you are the driver of your bus and you have the right to tell the vampires that they can not take a ride with you.

6) Setbacks Are Only Temporary, Treat Them as Such:
Once in a while things just happen and you suffer a setback in your Internet Marketing. Oh well, get over it and remember that the majority of setbacks are just temporary in nature. Actually, most of the time, it is those who have fantastic starts in their business who often have the least amount of patience that really have a hard time coping with even the tiniest setback. Those who have worked hard in the beginning to get their Internet Marketing business growing have developed patience and persistence to keep on working when a setback occurs. It is okay not to be the rabbit being chased by the greyhounds. Keep focused, do not quit and you will soon be back on track.

7) Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement:
Are you continually working on improving yourself in all areas of your personal and professional life? If we are not constantly learning and improving then we are stagnating or worse yet moving backwards. You will never achieve your dreams of getting your digital gold if you do not continue to learn. What are you doing to grow your Internet Marketing business? Do you regularly attend your companies training teleconferences/webinars to learn new information? Are you continually reading and listening to material geared to help you grow both professionally and personally? You need to become a knowledge seeker. You will be constantly surprised about just how little you actually know and how much you really need to learn. But always remember that knowledge is absolutely no good to you unless you take action and apply it.

In Internet Marketing everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, it really is a level playing field. It does not matter where you live or who you know. What matters is what you believe and what you are willing to do to become as successful as you want. Internet Marketing is a wonderful opportunity for people who are willing to treat it as a profession and not a hobby. If you want to find your digital gold in Internet Marketing then climb aboard my bus, hold on and get ready for the ride of your life.
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