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Are You Really Working Your Internet Marketing Business?

Jan 16, 2008
I can hear everyone out there saying "of course I am working my Internet Marketing business. What a ridiculous question" Not so ridiculous a question If we take a closer look at your daily work habits. Notice I included myself? That is because I learned a valuable lesson about my work habits.

What was the main reason, besides money, that you decide to go into Internet Marketing? Most people will tell you Internet Marketing gives them freedom to be their own boss, and to be able to do what they want to do. So has your being the boss given you the freedom you wanted? Well if not then why not?

One morning I woke up to discover that I was so far behind with my Internet Marketing business that I thought I was ahead of everyone else. That is when I had to sit down and do some serious thinking and take some serious action.

I marched myself into my office and promptly fired myself. Well who else could fire me for creating such a mess of my on line business? Once you finish reading this you may decide that you need to fire yourself too.

When people decide to undertake Internet Marketing many do not realize that it is important to set up structure, to be very disciplined, and have patience and persistence if they want to succeed. The vast majority of people have no idea what it takes to earn digital gold working on line. And they have no concept about running a business, and Internet Marketing is a business not a hobby.

The bottom line is that many people are not managing their Internet Marketing business or their personal lives efficiently and effectively. Being efficient and effective means utilizing you time and resources for greater productivity.

Below I have listed 10 things that can boost your productivity immensely.

1) Take Time to Plan:
At the end of each day write down exactly what needs to be done the next day.

2) Set Priorities:
Prioritize your to do list. This is so the most important things get done first. This puts your Internet Marketing business on a straight path and not wandering through the garden.

3) Do the Hardest Task First:
This allows you to have a clear mind and lots of energy to devote to the task. Get the tough stuff out of the way first and the rest of the task will get done easily. If you keep moving the hardest task back it will just become more challenging to get done.

4) Reward Yourself:
Once you have put that difficult task behind you congratulate yourself and give yourself a reward. It could be as small as a cup of coffee and 15 minutes relaxation or a larger one such as a massage. Your choice, you are the boss.

5) Always Remember Your Value:
Your time is worth money. Completing required tasks in a timely manner earns you money. But if you do not use your time effectively you will earn less money.

6) You Need to be Selfish:
Again your time is valuable and equates to money. Do not let anyone distract you from your tasks or you will earn less money.

7) Be Accountable to Someone:
I know you are the boss. However it is hard for people to be objective about themselves. It is important that you chose another person or a Master Mind group who want to see you succeed and be accountable to them. This is extremely helpful when you want to succeed as we all need support.

8) One Touch Only Please:
This is a big one, it boils down to working ON or working IN your Internet Marketing business. Lots of people work on their business and not in it and do not know the difference. When you are working on you business you will find yourself moving papers around, prettying up your website and a hundred other peripheral things that do not in any way grow your on line business. When you work in your on line business you will add content to your web site, open your bills and pay them immediately, focus on reading and responding to your business correspondence immediately and you will have set specific times to start and complete all tasks.

9) Don't Take Yourself So Seriously:
You can not sit by yourself all day long, day in and day out just working in your business. You need to take time out to play also, otherwise you will rebel against yourself and find that you are procrastinating. It is just that little kid in you being mad because you never allow her/him out to play. Lets not forget that playing is therapeutic and a very creative activity.

10) Don't Let Yourself Get Overtired:
When you become tired you automatically become less productive and less creative. Fatigue also plays havoc on your immune system thus you can get sick and start missing days of work. Get enough quality sleep on a daily basis and you will always be on to of your game and ready for any challenge.

Now you have 10 sure fire ways to help you really be your own best employee. Take a week and review your work habits, just the way you have been operating. Get out a pen and paper, okay crayons are fine too, and keep a running record of what you get done in a day. That means everything in personal and business and the time spent on it. Do not cheat otherwise you will not get a true picture of how you operate.

When the week is over review your performance. How did it measure up? If you were working for XYZ company would you still have the job or be fired? If XYZ just fired you it is time to march yourself into your office and fire you also. List all the reasons for the firing, out loud or in writing, why are you being fired specifically. Now sit down and rehire yourself, but write out exactly what your condition of employment will be. This is what will help you grow your Internet Marketing business on a daily basis.

Congratulations! You have just hired the best employee on the planet for your Internet Marketing business. Now get down to work and hit the Internet and find your digital gold.
About the Author
Sharon Doucet is a Certified MasterMind Consultant, studying The New Think and Grow Rich with Ted Ciuba, For Free access and to learn how you can earn thousands of dollars giving away FREE New Think and Grow Rich MasterMind courses, visit: http://systematicsuccess.com/jvm2/s514/99ed/2259
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