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Affiliate Programs - Are They Worth Their Weight In Gold?

Jan 16, 2008
So let's say that you already have an online presence. You're marketing your own products or service online. Maybe your business is local to your region and is not really something that you have time to devote to when it comes to adding e-commerce. You know the power of the Internet and want to capitalize on the 24/7 shop that the Internet has to offer. Is there an alternative for you? Have you looked into being an affiliate?

What is an Affiliate?

Well that's pretty simple to answer. An affiliate is someone who sells a product on their website for someone else. This is the Internet. You don't have to have your own inventory to make money online.

Become an Affiliate.

First thing is to choose an Affiliate Program. There are affiliate programs all over the net. The easiest way to find one is to use Google and search for affiliate programs. There will be thousands of results returned to choose from. To make your choice, my advice is to choose something that is related to what you are marketing online. This should not include something that you are offering however. You're supposed to be adding revenue not giving it away. Once you have chosen a program you sign up. After you have signed up you'll get a unique Affiliate ID, ready made text links, and banners to place on your website. Embedded in these links will be your Affiliate ID. This ID allows you to get paid a percentage every time someone is redirected from your page to your Affiliate Sponsor's page and buys. By linking from your page you step out of the way and let them handle all of the ordering and shipping while you reap a portion of the sale.

How Much Time?

This is a two-fold question here. First you should be looking to further market your product or service, but now since you have expanded your product base you can now look to adding to your online marketing campaign to include your new products. So look to improve your traffic to your site. Secondly, since the average percentages for click-through for Direct Mail or Google Adwords is anywhere from .5 to 2 percent you should not expect huge returns right away. Your online empire will take some time investment, so be patient.

How To Gauge The Results?

Make sure that your Affiliate Program offers a way to monitor sales and commissions. If you chose wisely you will find one that also includes your click-through results, which is the number of times someone has clicked on the link your sponsor has provided.

Not Just The Small Businesses.

Smaller companies usually offer Affiliate Programs, but now there are a few large companies joining the fold. Be on the look out for these companies. Who knows you may be in a business now that offers an
affiliate program.
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