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Live Event Production For Religious Services

Jan 16, 2008
Live event production is important to bringing out your message in a clear sound and in vibrant visuals. If you are a pastor or church leader, you need to consider buying A/V equipment. It's like have a home theatre system for your church. You can reach out to more people in your congregation and bring your sermon or musical productions alive. You can have the speaker's image or inspirational images on the backdrop of a huge optical front project screen. You words can be transcribed of the death as the roll across the big screen behind you. There are limitless possibilities to what audio visual event production equipment can do for your church and your message that you are trying to convey.

If you are preaching to a large congregation in a super church style building, you need to make sure your voice is projected to all parts of the arena. You do not want a single person to miss on the gospel that you are preaching. Expertly installed audio equipment will put the word of God out in a clear and distinct fashion to every soul in your church. Your choir will sound better and the musicians that play for your solo artist or groups will have each note carried to the far corners of the building. Your voice will ring out with a vibrant tone to inspire and place the fear of the Lord into your parishioners. You audio equipment can even be made to coincide with background music of your organ or piano as your congregation arrives and leaves your building or during the solemn time of invitation or silent prayer.

Visual equipment is just as important. Optical front projector screens can bring the speaker up close and personal. Whether hung as a backdrop behind the podium or two on each side of the speaker, these impressive screens can bring the sermon alive with a video of the actual preacher as he gives his sermon or inspirational scenery that has been pre-taped to show during the service. If you are doing a live event production, the cameras can pan from the preacher to the choir and over the congregation. Close ups of a person being touched by the Spirit will inspire your flock as the entire church can see how your words have touched the heart of a single individual.

If you are a preacher on the revival tour, you know that proper live event production equipment is needed. Here you might want to rent your A/V equipment instead of buying it. Most of the time you are only in a town for a week or two and carrying the equipment from one site to the next can be tedious and time consuming. You can rent the audio and visual equipment and with insurance, protect yourself from equipment failure or damage. Your revival will sound and look professional as you go from town to town delivering the message of Christ. If you are a professional revival preacher and live on the road full time, then the investment of buying you're A/V equipment would be more prudent.
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