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Teleseminars: How To Make 6-Figures Interviewing Experts

Jan 16, 2008
A great way to bring in the big bucks on a Teleseminar is to do a public consultation. That's where you go to an expert who has a specific body of knowledge. They have their own followers and you bring in your flock, your herd, your tribe. You charge for tickets and the person you are interviewing agrees to get paid their hourly fee. It's also important to ask them if it would be okay if you could sell the product that was created.

After all, if that person is the guru or the expert - you're getting branded by being associated with that expert. Also, you're getting paid for your hour. What a great service to give.

This is one of the most creative ways I've ever seen for someone who wants to get the attention of a guru or an expert, and I'll tell you the story that happened to me. This is where I got the idea.

About four years ago, a gentleman with five children who really came from humble means and at the moment didn't have two nickels to rub together said, "I want to hire you for an hour of consulting time."

At that time, my fee was somewhere around $750 an hour or so. He said, "I know your fee." I said, "Well, how do you plan on paying for it?" He asked, "Is it okay if I have tele-slots sold, and I just ask you questions. Maybe I'll get some questions from other people and we can have a Teleseminar for a couple of hours. Is that all right?" I said, "Sure."

He charged $20 per person. I didn't do a thing. I just showed up. He got 104 people to pay $20. He paid me my $750. This was the most amazing idea.

Then, he asked me, "Can I have resell rights to this product?" I agreed.

What's $20 times 104? That's what he kept, almost $2,100. He paid me my $750, and he made an additional $5,000 selling the product that we created at the speed of sound. I don't know how much money he eventually made. I stopped keeping track at about $5,000 or $5,500.

So, in a nutshell, here's the strategy:

1. Approach the expert. Along with getting permission to pick their brain on the telelclass, ask them if it's okay to have resell rights to the product.

2. Create a sales page to explain what participants will get out of the call and collect the money. $20 is a good price point.

3. Send a couple of emails to your list to let them know about the teleclass.

4. Set up a bridge line and make sure you've got your recording in place. (In fact, I would also recommend setting up a backup recording method in a different part of the country than the original. You never know when a lightning storm or technical glitches will ruin the recording.)

5. Transcribe the recording and turn it into a product to sell over and over agin.

Public consultations can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Find an expert, pay them their hourly fee, sell tele-slots, and remember to record, transcribe and sell, sell, sell.
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