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5 Killer Tips How To Optimize Your Home Internet Business Site For Google And Yahoo

Jan 16, 2008
Despite of the fact that Google gets maybe 60 % of all searches, the challenge is: how to rank better with the same keyword at Yahoo, i.e. to kill two flies with one hit? Or is it possible?

The reason, why the results are different is, that these two engines, which gets around 70 % of all searches, follow their own rules, algorithms, when they put the sites in a certain order and when they will decide how many pages they will display on the search result pages. Okay, I asked: what are the rules to get my keyword, internet business, to the # 2 place at Yahoo too?

1.Google And Yahoo Think Differently?

This is natural, because they are competing services. We can think that they in a way complete each other by offering their own answers to the searches.

Google owns a PageRank System patent, so other engines cannot use it and that is why they have developed their own algorithms. Generally speaking Google puts more emphasis on the quality backlinks especially from other related and high Google PR web sites. The more backlinks your site has, the better placement it will get for that particular keyword, in my case: home internet business.

On the other hand Yahoo evaluates the url, meta tags and the keyword density as important optimization factors. Well, what a difference in algorithms: Google appreciates the web site popularity or connections with other related sites (off-page factors ) and Yahoo on-page factors. But if we want a high ranking in both engines, it is very easy.

2.The Url Must Include A Keyword.

To say it clearly, I will not change my url, because it works so well as a home internet business brand. And it is pretty known on the market. But the experts recommend that the url should include the related and generic keyword. Both engines see the keyword in the url to be important and Yahoo even as one of its main optimization factors.

The keyword rich url is important because some web sites put the domain as a backlink, so the keyword rich domain works as an anchor text, which is important especially for Google.

3.Put Keywords Into The Meta Tags And Into The Copy.

The meta tags are important in search engine optimization ( SEO ), despite of the fact that their importance is decreasing, but especially Yahoo appreciates them. Insert the keywords into the title, description, keyword tags and all over the copy.

4.The Keyword Density.

Every single home internet business marketer has a different opinion about the keyword density but I learnt from the experts, that the right density should be as high as 8 % but not over. The high density is important for Yahoo especially.

5. Use Sitemap On Your Home Page.

The home internet business sitemap is important for the search engine spiders, because it makes it easy to access all the important pages on your site. But it also serves the visitors, because now they see from one list if the site has topics which interest them.
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