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Got Guts? Become A Private Detective

Jan 16, 2008
The role of the private detective has changed since the days of wide brimmed hats and trench coats. Today's private detective offers a wide range of services and beginning this career path can lead into a variety of industries. Modern investigation services are diverse and help all manner of clients gather information for a number of reasons.

For those thinking of becoming a private detective they must appreciate the role that must be undertaken. Fundamentally private investigators gather information for individuals and businesses. They assist those in the legal profession with financial, personal and legal problems; often their clients are in the insurance industry.

The majority of private detectives are trained to undertake physical surveillance on a subject. This can often be for extended periods of time so to be a private detective, perseverance is a necessity. The ability to use computer databases to find information rapidly is also a large part of the contemporary private investigation industry.

The work of a private detective also includes questioning suspects, photographing suspects 'red-handed' and bringing illegal activities to the attention of the police; subsequently private investigators are often asked to testify in court.

In terms of the skills and attributes you need to become a private detective a number of qualities are a must. Firstly you must not be afraid of confrontation as your presence as a private detective is often unwanted. The ability to think on your feet and come up with solutions on the spot is vital as private investigators usually act alone without support; the majority of the time you will be responsible for your own safety.

Secondly any private detective must possess good interviewing and interrogating techniques. These are usually acquired in past careers in the law enforcement professions although training courses on these elements of the business are available.

Finally a private detective must be able to present their information in a clear and coherent manner. This is a vital part of the job role as going to court and giving information in front of juries in order to obtain convictions is a large constituent of being a private detective. Making this information believable is also crucial.

Although no formal education is required to become a private detective increasingly firms are looking for university graduates to fulfil positions. Advisable subjects for those wishing to enter the career are law enforcement, security administration, criminal justice and forensic sciences. Although these subjects will not guarantee a job they are believed to give a good head start into the industry.

Becoming a private detective straight after the education process however is not easy, competition for jobs within the industry is fierce. There is a large amount of retirees who enter the industry from law enforcement and military careers making it difficult for those without experience to enter the job role.

Entry level positions such as store detectives offer the best way to begin in the private investigation industry allowing candidates to accumulate experience. Such jobs can be found with large shopping chains and shopping malls.

As the need to protect confidential information, fear of crime and litigation cases in both the business and personal spheres increase; the work of private detectives will grow. As this seems almost certain to happen becoming a private detective can be viewed as a job with good long term career prospects.

If you feel you possess some of the skills discussed here and believe you could perform the role efficiently, maybe becoming a private detective is the right career choice. Added to job satisfaction of doing something to prevent illegality, this is a worthy cause to devote a working life to.
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