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Steroids And Your Blood (part 2)

Jan 17, 2008
Glucose is not normally a concern for the weight trainer, but should be as some medicines can affect blood sugar levels adversely, as well as the fact that a weight trainer will take in more carbohydrates than a normal person, raised levels can indicate onset of diabetes.

Aspartate transferase; You will find that this enzyme works in the heart and the liver and its normal count is about 45. If you encounter higher levels it may indicate either alcohol or viral hepatitis, but it could also indicate the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissues, which also happens as the result of heavy weight training.

Alaine Transferase; A primary liver enzyme elevated from alcohol abuse, viral illness or diseases of the liver. (I get an elevated level from my Sarcoidosis, other diseases will also elevate this enzyme marker). Usually higher in males. Normal count is 40.

Alkaline Phosphatase is an enzyme present in both the liver and the bones and its medium range varies while the bone plates are growing, so it presence will naturally rise with age. Heavy workout sessions won't alter this enzymes presence unless you are taking a growth hormone within your cycle. If you are, then tell your Doctor or you might be diagnosed as having bone disease. As a point of interest the normal range is between 30 and 95.

Creatine Phosphatase is my favourite as it is always elevated. In normal sedentary individuals high levels may indicate renal disease, muscle injury or acute injury. If your Doctors get bent over a high level of creatine remind him the muscle injury is probably due to the 600lb deadlift you did the day before! I also have elevated levels as I supplement with creatine monohydrate, so that's 's another reason for elevated levels. Normal rate is 225.

The average level of BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) would measure round 9 to 24 and elevated levels would indicate a high protein intake or excessive protein breakdown in an average active person. Due to the average intake of 3 - 4 whey protein or protein isolate powder preparations by a body builder, make sure you inform your Doctor before he gives his diagnostic on the test results.

There is a 17-alpha-alkylated chemical attached to most oral steroids, which keeps the liver from destroying the active ingredients once it passes through. This of course causes wear and tear (like the wear and tear on your mouth you would expect chewing glass-fibre chewing gum) so if you have a potential for liver problems avoid oral anabolic's that have been 17-apha-alkylated treated. If in doubt buy the Layman's Guides I and II to find a more liver friendly anabolic stack.
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