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Free Premium Provider Rate Service - Customers Will Love You!

Jan 17, 2008
This article provides details about the various free Premium Rate Service plans. It also outlines how you can best use these services without getting trapped in hidden clauses.

If you are running a company and want to get a phone number which looks good on your card and your letterhead, you are probably looking for a 0800 freephone number. These numbers are offered by various companies which offer them under various packages. Before you buy any of these packages you need to make sure that it suits your requirements.

Here are some ideas you need to take note of when you are applying for a freephone number. First understand that nothing in life is free. We are talking about telephones, which are not free at all. The only "free" part of freephones is the connection.

It's true - some packages do contain free minutes but this will vary depending on the company from which you buy the package. Other "freebies" that often come with freephone numbers are your personal choice of telephone number before ordering, free online live statistics, and free voicemail services in addition to those free minutes we mentioned above (for customers who call a freephone number, the call is completely free).

A recent development in the landscape of freephone numbers are the 0808 numbers which are also freephone numbers and very similar to 0800 numbers. The reason why this new range has been launched is because Ofcom is slowly running out of 0800 range of numbers. The 0808 numbers are becoming popular very fast with many major corporations such as SKY TV, Granada using them in their broadcasts.

Now the next question that many of us may ask is, but why freephone numbers. There are many reasons and the primary reason is that customers see a freephone number as a sign that the company is interested in getting business from them and has therefore removed the cost of communication.

A survey conducted by Henley research center indicates that 60% of customers feel that the company cares about them when they offer a freephone number. As part of your business record keeping, you can track your advertisement response from a freephone number. It is more economical for you to receive the call if you offer a free number to your customer than from a mobile number. By providing an 0800 number you encourage your customers to call you.

The minimum term of contract for a freephone number is 6 months and you do not have to install new lines for receiving calls made to a freephone number. The calls that are made to your 0800 number can be diverted to an existing landline or mobile phone if you want them to. If you are interested in installing a new phone and connecting it to your number that can also be done. Freephone numbers give you many benefits to take your business to greater heights. So, go ahead and choose the package that best suits your needs.
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