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To Learn Internet Marketing Success, Be A Copy Cat

Jan 17, 2008
You want to make your living online right? Well make it easy on yourself and learn Internet marketing in way that will give you the results you want.

It's a simple idea really, but every budding online business owner doesn't seem to implement it.

So since your getting curious, you're probably wondering what idea for successful Internet marketing can skyrocket your ability to have the success you want.

The answer is

Modeling. Find a business that is already having the success you are looking for and model what they are doing.

Well there you have it. Not too complicated

Use an Internet marketing strategy to get where you want to go by piggy backing on the success of others. You definitely never want to copy a business word for word. Don't copy the website, logos, business materials etc. You'll get in a lot of trouble for that. But copying an idea is perfectly legal in most cases and you would be foolish not to take what's already successful and add it to your own Internet marketing strategy.

I'll reiterate that thought. Don't try to be original and reinvent the wheel and everything else for that matter. If something works, use it. Better yet take an already successful idea and use your creativity and improve on it. It's done every day. Let me give you an example of modeling in the entertainment business. Think about the show American Idol.

Of course they all have different themes, but the model is really the same to follow. Just some examples are the 1 female 2 male judge format. Of course one male judge is irritating and has an English or Australian accent. Also they judge the contestants but the fans also get to vote for the final outcome. We could pick it apart and find a lot of similarities, but you get the picture right?

All of the networks have seen the outstanding success of this show and they also want to ride its success. They follow the successful plan with their own theme. They are not going to waste a lot of money on a plan that might flop.

So find a business with the success you want and find out everything that is working for that particular business and do it yourself. Learn Internet marketing from a money making business. But again remember you can't copy a business exactly without getting yourself in trouble. It's not only illegal, but this will ruin your credibility and business.

Here are some examples to help you understand the concept of modeling.

For one, If you see a lot of successful businesses providing bonuses with their products or services then it's probably worth the time and effort to do the same. This in fact is one of the Internet marketing tips that should always be used. Keep in mind the bonus needs to fit tightly with the theme of your product and needs to be useful and great quality. Some people will buy your product more for the bonuses than for the product itself.

What's another concept that most successful business implement? AAA customer service. They make their prospects and customers completely satisfied with their product and service. I can't believe the number of business that just don't think it applies to them and their business suffers as a result.

What about if you see a business owner really taking the opportunity to always build his or her prospect and customer list? Well to learn Internet marketing from this person would be to make building your own list a priority. Although I'm using this as an example, building a list should be a priority for anyone wanting to successfully build a business online or offline.

You do all your research, pick the brain of your mentor or anyone already successful that will teach you, then go do it. Its a good idea to find a niche with less competition and to learn Internet marketing from your study and you will have better success.

Just think about all the people online that have no idea what they need to do to put it all together. If you can learn Internet marketing strategies and apply them in non-Internet marketing niches (bass fishing, scrap booking etc.) you can dominate a niche and have great success.

To sum things up, it's crucial that you find a successful business and learn Internet marketing from them. Don't reinvent the wheel, but rather take what others have already proven to work and apply it to make it work for you.
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