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Have You Considered an Online Partnership

Jan 17, 2008
There are literally thousands of online joint venture possibilities to pursue. However, they generally fall into a few basic categories: list leveraging, product creation and general sharing. Here are ten online joint venture possibilities:

1. List leveraging. This is a common and generally simple joint venture. If you have a great opt in list and someone has a great product, you can promote their product to your list for a percentage of the sales.

2. Information marketing businesses can partner to bundle their products together and promote them to their combined email lists. The benefit to this type of arrangement is potentially huge. Each business increases their exposure and customer base, each business makes money, and each business gives their customer and email list an opportunity to take benefit from a new product.

3. Another simple joint venture might involve sharing or exchanging text links or banners with other related web sites.

4. Partner with another online business with a similar target market to create and share a web site. For example, you create dog training information products and your partner makes home made dog treats. You will both be marketing and advertising the same web site which means double the traffic.

5. A very simple online joint venture is to exchange testimonials or endorsements for each others products or services. For example, if you are a virtual assistant, you could promote the services of a web design firm or copywriter you've used. In return, they could promote your services as a virtual assistant.

6. If you have a product that is nearing the end of its life and sales are dwindling, you could offer it as a free bonus for another businesses product or service. In exchange, ask for a small portion of the profits.

7. Offer to insert a promotional ad for another business into your product package. You could take a small percentage of the profits or ask them to return the favor.

8. Trade ezine ads with relevant businesses that have similar target markets.

9. Create a promotional giveaway with another business and publish your ads and links in the report, ebook, or even talk about them in a video or audio product. You're essentially sharing the labor to put together a promotion that will reach both your list members and the list members of your partner, which means you're doubling your reach.

10. Create a freeware program with another business. Include a promotional ad for each of your businesses in the program. Submit it to freeware and freebie sites.

When considering the many possibilities of joint venture partnerships, consider what skills, strengths and assets you can bring to the partnership. This will likely give you numerous possibilities and then all you have to do is find the right partner.
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