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Jan 17, 2008
In this article we want to tell you all about Premium Rate Calls charges and usages, and to provide you with guidelines so you can use Premium Rate numbers to the best business advantage.

Premium Rate Number services are a method with which to offer a variety of different specialized services to callers, including financial and horse racing tips, adult chat, weather information, and technical queries (including software and hardware support). In the U.K., numbers that start with 0906 are Premium Rate Numbers. Calls made to these numbers are billed at 1.50 to 5.00 per minute.

In the course of our busy modern lives, everyone has used these numbers. If we needed train information quickly or some urgent financial information, these numbers have been useful. Service companies who provide Premium Rate Call services charge callers and generate revenues. Revenues are shared by the telephone operators that provide the platform for offering these services, and the service providers.

There are few points that we need to take care of when we are calling up Premium Rate numbers. We should be aware of whether we are being charged the correct amount for the calls we are making. It should not happen that we get a rude shock when we see our telephone bills at the end of the month. When calling up a Premium Rate number we should be specific with our queries so that we can keep the call short and concise.

In some instances, a website will offer you free calls then abruptly disconnects those free calls when linking to a Premium Rate number. All of this can be done without your knowing whether the company's intentions are good. If you are lucky, the operator will inform you about being billed a specific amount for the calls you made.

If you experience this, immediately call up the service provider and sort out the problem. If you cannot get it resolved, contact ICSTIS, which is the United Kingdom's regulatory body for Premium Rate number services.

If you suddenly get a mail asking you to change your dialler to a new upgraded version be careful of doing so. The reason being this dialler can be configured to change your dial up number to a premium rate number and you can be easily taken for a ride.

To generate income as a service provider, it is possible to link Premium rate calls to an IVR service and provide recorded audio tips on a wide range of services. As long as your tips are considered valuable, customers will keep calling up your premium rate number.

Premium Rate Call services are a win-win situation for both service providers and callers, as long as everything is in good spirits. With the rapid expansion of Premium Rate services, fraud and scams to some extent have tarnished the reputation of service providers. However, a large, untapped market remains for you to explore because there are millions who still have confidence in the services.
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