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Premium Rate Sms Text - Great Messaging Services For Sellers

Jan 17, 2008
This article details "everything you need to know" about Premium Rate SMS services, and highlights how this service can be used to improve business. The article also addresses the set-up procedure and how to operate a successful Premium Rate SMS service.

All of us have gotten messages on our mobile phones indicating we have the opportunity to win exciting prizes if we participate in a quiz. After we answer the questions, the messages are charged to our next month's phone bill. This service is known as Premium Rate SMS service. Revenue is shared by the operator and the service provider. This example is called reverse billing. Here the SMS is sent using a short code.

Premium Rate SMS service is helpful to companies that want to give customers a simple way to contact them. Customers contact you using this short code to resolve their issues. And you determine how much you want to charge your customers. Let's move on to how to setup a Premium Rate SMS service.

To assist you in getting a headstart in the business, many companies offer Premium Rate SMS platforms. You can start immediately once your structure is ready. Operating a Premium Rate SMS is actually simple. The customer first enters a keyword to a 5 digit short code; subsequently, the SMS server responds by sending an automated message. Customer charges are limited to 5 per message or less.

Different services can be offered through this service, including paid for tet to win competitions, generating response from advertising and promotions, newsletters, financial and sales information, voting, betting tips, dating services, and lottery numbers.

You need to be careful on the revenue sharing agreement that you have with your operator and ensure that you are in a win-win situation. It is suggested that before you start your services you check upon a couple of them before signing up with anyone. This will help you to get an idea of the prevalent revenue sharing models, support services and help you get the best deal.

Some operators are eager to sign you up for a minimum one-year contract. Remember, however, that one year is considerable when it comes to Premium Rate SMS service. It is best to always have the option to terminate the contract within a 3 month period.

It usually requires less than 24 hours to set up a new account, and once you have the application ready, you are in business. With effective advertising, you will start quickly to earn revenue. Don't forget to register your services with ICSTIS, the UK's regulatory body for Premium Rate Services. This is very important.

The estimated revenues that can be generated within the first year of business can be as 52000 per annum. The estimation has been done considering you have a subscriber base of 40 customers at an average of 6 messages daily where you are getting .60 per message. This is definitely good money for the investment that it entails.
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