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Premium Rate Services Unzipped- All You Need To Know

Jan 17, 2008
Provided here are the details of premium rate services. We also include the types of service, and use, control and cost aspects.

Premium rate services or commonly known as PRS is a premium service that offers information, news, entertainent which is charged to your phone bill at the end of the day. These services can be accessed from the landine phone, mobile phone,fax and even through your personal computer. The rates of such service are usually higher and that is why it is a premium service.

As mentioned above, the charges are billed to your phone bill and the revenue generated is shared between the communications provider of the content. The premium rate services are used as a medium for a wide range of revenue generating business. The most common users of this premium service are the various competitions, technical helpdesk, phone chats, information and directory enquiry services. Also an important user of this service are the voters who use this to caste their vote or voice their opinions.

Services are usually provided on a '09' dialing code. The code is a little different for mobile services. In this case, codes are four or five-digit access keys followed by an alphabetic word. For example, 87654 ABCDEF.

Premium rate services can be pre-recorded programs or live services, depending on the content of the product or service. The ICTIS (the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services) regulates all the premium rate services, including 'adult' services.

Premium rate services can be an important aspect of the Customer Relationship management of a company. The company can use these services to provide a fast response time to customer queries, with the result being a happy bunch of customers who theoretically will provide more business. This is a great marketing strategy, plus response time is almost instantaneous. A premium rate service is the best choice if the company wants customers to pay for the services. Also, the tariff is flexible and it can be tailored to the specific service provider or company.

The cost of these services varies considerably. It can range from as little as a few cents per minute to more than a dollar. If calls are made from cable networks, mobile phones, or from public payphones, costs are much higher than the advertised rates. Check with your phone service provider for rates.

The telephone company can also help you to identify illegal phone calls and assist help you in getting compensation. Contact your telephone company to find about out their 'premium rate call barring' service. If you use this service, no one can make illegal calls from your phone and you can avoid having to pay any big phone bills.

As you can see, premium rate services can be a bane or a boon, depending on how the service is used.
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