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Increasing Morale Through Scavenger Hunts

Jan 17, 2008
Working, as many Americans do, for a large corporation is the epitome of the often cliched "daily grind." Spending eight hours a day in a cubicle, typing away or crunching numbers for days, weeks and months on end can really put a strain on an employee's level of happiness -- which in turn is detrimental to his level of production.

Across the world, companies are struggling to provide their employees with a higher morale and, therefore, an optimal level of production.

The Fish Philosophy is a theory based on employees in a fish market who were filling orders by tossing fish to one another, inciting laughter from each other as well as the customers, who they would often invite to join in the fun. The owners of the market started to notice a direct correlation in the fun that the workers were having and the level of production that were they were experiencing. Studies of this philosophy have proven that happy, team-oriented employees will always create a higher level of production.

Company Christmas parties, summer picnics, golf tournaments and the like are all viable means of fighting against the hum-drum attitude that many people face at work each day. However, these events are often a nightmare for the planning committees and the HR department as well as being driven by special occasions that only come around every so often.

The need is there, for most companies, to create fun, team building activities that increase overall morale and productivity.

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt can be a fun and competitive form of entertainment for people of all ages, but corporate scavenger hunts, available in cities across the country, are exceptional ways to build working relationships, promote teamwork, and encourage employees to get to know each other.

You can often find pre-arranged scavenger hunts with access to museums, parks and other places of interest that give your company or organization all the tools you need to enjoy an exciting, team building experience that can raise morale and increase productivity

There are many online sources available that can help you build a challenging and fun scavenger hunt for your company. Pre-arranged scavenger hunts are primarily available in larger cities, but even in smaller towns, scavenger hunts can be created and customized that could help add excitement and fun to a company's team building events.

Whether your company employs 5,000 people, or 50 people, is located in a small town in the Midwest or a large city, team building scavenger hunts can help build a stronger company by increasing morale, building relationships, and encouraging outside-the-box thinking.
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Art Gib writes for Watson Adventures (http://www.watsonadventures.com/los_angeles.html), a leading online scavenger hunt organizer specializing in Los Angeles team building exercises.
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