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Faqs On Get Paid Online Survey

Jan 17, 2008
Presented below are some of the most frequently answered questions on get paid online survey. Read more and learn about the answers.

Are get paid online survey true?

Yes, they are really true. Although there may be some which do not pay as much or some which are filled with unnecessary offers, there are a good number on the Internet which offers good money for paid surveys. Your success will largely depend on your choice of sites.

Who can join in these paid surveys?

Anyone from anywhere worldwide can participate in get paid online survey. Of course, there is such a thing as qualification in getting involved. There is usually a profile checker which determines whether you are one of the target respondents for online surveys. Take note that companies have their own target audience, although good sites provide matching services and send you only those you are qualified to join. Nevertheless, with the large number of surveys available, there will surely be a constant stream of surveys you will be qualified to take.

Why do companies pay for your effort?

Companies pay survey sites as these are part of their marketing campaign. They want to know the opinion of people on matters related to their industry, product or service and are willing to pay a decent amount of remuneration in exchange for the time spent in answering them.

How much can I make?

The amount you earn with get paid online survey will depend largely on the number, the type and the length or duration of the surveys you take. The frequency and the type of surveys provided are based on company needs, so you may get more for one and less for another. The survey campaigns are also constantly changing so that the number you get this month may be different from another. Generally though, earnings usually range anywhere from $2 to $50 for typical surveys which last from 10 to 30 minutes. Some sites offer focus groups as well, which generally lasts an hour or two, and will pay more than $50 for your time.

How do I start?

To get started with get paid online survey, you simply need to look for reliable sites, and then register with them. After filling in your profile, all you need to do is waiting for them to send you an email on recent survey offers.

How do I get paid?

Each company has its very own payment system. Payment methods may be in the form of a check sent directly to your address. A good number of sites pay through PayPal, while others have a points system wherein taking a survey can get you some points which can be later exchanged for cash, merchandise or gift cards. Some sites may not pay you in cash, but enter you to sweepstakes or raffle draws. The odds are not as bad considering how short get paid online survey usually are.

Where can I find good sites?

Good survey sites are those which do not require you to pay for any fees for membership or for a list of survey database online. There are a good number of sites which offer directories free of charge, so invest some time in looking around for reputable ones.
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