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An Internet Marketers Guide To Leveraging Your Way To Massive Online Success

Jan 17, 2008
The term leverage is used often in internet marketing circles, and simply means the power to act effectively, using existing knowledge, money or something else in a manner that results in a chain reaction of greater success. A good example of leverage is using the same effort to find joint venture partners and affiliates could end up in multiple sales rather than one sale at a time.

We may first begin leveraging ourselves by determining our focus on the tasks needed to build our own business, as well as the actions needed to achieve these tasks. Once done, we can then think of ways to incorporate leverage into these tasks to make sure our actions are as profitable as possible.

By way of example, we would first decide what we are best at, and leverage what we are not so good at by outsourcing these aspects of our business to more people with more experience. We may do this by either paying a professional, or acquiring the help of a friend, or a friend of our friend!

Failing this, there is always the basic principle of networking; conecting with others in the business in general, whether we know them or not. We can either do this through forums or by searching on the internet for people owning related websites, social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, or emailing your favorite marketers for advice.

You're activities should center around building relationships. Contacting people on a daily basis, not just for their assistance but also offering yours; support and friendship will build mutually satisfying relationships that alone could help multiply your income ten-fold!

Leverage can also be used to build your traffic, as seen through popular traffic exchanges. Joint ventures and affiliates are ways of getting more traffic to your site with the same effort as going for one sale.

Then, of course, there is leveraged income, the chief benefit of many affiliate programs being the receiving of payments from the sales of your downline. Now this is powerful stuff. Sign a heavy hitter to one of your programs, and you could be receiving a healthy boost to your weekly income for doing practically nothing!

In ending, the power of leverage was perhaps best stressed by oil mogul John D. Rockefeller when he said, "I'd rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts."

Think "leverage" and you are well on your way to online success.
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