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Make Money Online With eBay Fast

Jan 17, 2008
Making money with eBay can be one of the best ways to earn income from the internet. Ebay is a huge marketplace and the beauty of it is that people browse eBay daily ready to buy. While most people are online looking for information those people that visit eBay are the ready to buy traffic which is of course the most profitable kind of traffic.

However eBay is becoming more competitive each and every day so it is important to know what you are doing otherwise it will be very difficult for you to succeed. It is a good idea to not try to reinvent the wheel instead focus on learning from the success of others and try to emulate them.

Before you list your item on eBay first do a keyword search for similar items and then sort them by highest price first. Next take a look at the items that are receiving high bidding activity and carefully note the kinds of descriptions and price points being set by those successful sellers. There is a reason they are successful so observe their strategies and replicate them as best as you can.

Remember that feedback is an important aspect of the eBay business and you need to make sure your descriptions are accurate and relevant. Also make sure you deliver your products fast and reliably. The better your feedback ratings the higher your chances of success because it will give people more reasons to trust and buy from you and trust is a critical factor to the success of any business so always put your customers first and deliver excellence always.

Once you have done some initial research on your products the next step is to list your products. Set the 'buy it now' price to what you believe the item is really worth and set your initial bid to a level much lower to encourage bidding. As long as similar items have sold at profitable final prices you should not be concerned about selling at too low a price and suffering a loss.

It is also a good idea to not use the reserve price feature as this will scare away bidders. Only use the reserve feature if you are not confident about the kinds of prices your items might eventually sell for. Remember that people are on eBay to get a bargain so make sure that you are able to get your items at a cost that will allow you to sell them at a price that still gives your customers a bargain and allows you to make a good profit too.

The keywords you use in your titles are critical as this will determine how many people find your products. Use the free overture keyword search tool or Google keyword search tool to find keywords that are heavily searched for and make sure to include them in your titles. Make sure your titles are keyword rich because the eBay search function looks at the title to determine whether or not to return your listings in the results.

Avoid unnecessary punctuation or hype, instead add more relevant keywords and make sure your keywords are spelled correctly since eBay does use exact match for its searches. It is also a good idea if you do have some extra space in your titles to add common misspellings as this will give your listings more traffic from eBay searches.

Make your descriptions look professional so adding color and making your page look good is important and make sure the shipping and payment information is clearly displayed especially those areas that you will not ship to as this will reduce customer complaints. Follow some of these tips to help you earn more money with eBay.
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