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Energy Deregulation Opens Doors for New Entrepreneurs

Jan 17, 2008
As marketers across the country continually search for new opportunities, one stands out among the rest. The recent deregulation of energy in Texas, New York and Illinois has sparked opportunities for individuals to jump on the bandwagon of energy distribution. This type of home business has extremely high potential and can make financial independence a possibility for many people.

It is essential to understand what deregulation is in order to see the future of energy distribution services. Deregulation is the practice of governments to facilitate efficient market operation through the removal, reduction or simplification of restrictions on business or individuals.

Presently, states have only one or two companies providing energy services. This hinders the practice of free enterprises and usually affects pricing to consumers. Having a virtual monopoly on the distribution, these companies can pretty much do whatever they want.
Ever notice how energy prices, especially natural gas prices, jump by as much as 25% in the winter months?

So how can deregulation benefit you as a marketer?

As we said, New York, Texas and Illinois have deregulated their industries and other states will follow in coming months and years. As other states follow suit, the industry will grow exponentially as a result. This growth will benefit those with the foresight to get in early.

The fact is that consumers are realizing that they will soon have a choice of energy providers. This is what is opening doors for new entrepreneurs to start a profitable, real home business with actual potential. Not possibilities of referrals or even recruiting, but real business with real income potential.Energy deregulation puts it all within your reach now.

Here are five reasons to consider an energy provider business.

1. The timing is absolutely perfect. With all opportunities, timing is the basis if profit. Since deregulation is just catching on across the country, this opportunity is absolutely without a doubt time sensitive. The opportunity will dissipate as time passes so the timing is critical to get your foot in the door.

2. The product. Electricity is a huge industry and providers of electricity earn ungodly amounts of money. Unlike many other products out there, energy is something that every person uses every day. This is the epitome of the basic economic law of supply and demand. People everywhere need energy. You supply energy. It's that simple, really. Energy is in demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is something that really does sell itself.

3. Simplicity. You will have no inventory, no deliveries to make, no complex paperwork and no customer service to contend with. What could be simpler for you as a business owner? No inventory means you don't need storage space or have inventory tax issues. No deliveries means you don't need to maintain a fleet of trucks, pay technicians or buy parts/supplies. No customer service means you don't have to deal with dissatisfied customers or problems. No paperwork means you don't need to keep detailed files or records. Truly a simple home business in the clearest sense.

4. Flexibility of time. You will manage your own time. Work when you want, as long as you want and on whatever you want. The business can be taken care of in a few hours a week. After that, your time is yours. Take that vacation you have wanted to take or just spend time at home with the kids. You could even keep your day job and supplement your energy business income if you want. Your time is just that-YOUR time.

5. The best part of it all is the low cost of start up. Every business has a start up cost associated with it. Even Internet marketers that run affiliate sites have start up costs. The rule of "you need to spend some to make some" is in effect. Just take into account the huge potential of an energy provider business and the start up costs are truly insignificant. Electricity is a trillion dollar a year industry. In numerals, that's $1,000,000,000,000 a year. You can get your share of that if you act on this knowledge soon.

Those are the reasons for YOU to get involved here, but what does a business in energy distribution offer consumers? Quite a lot actually so here are a few of the top ones:

- Discounted energy delivery services to consumers in deregulated states. Plans to fit every customer's need are the focal point. Month to month plans with NO contracts are offered as well as fixed rate plans with further discounts for long term agreements.

- Rewards are offered to customers on a monthly basis that can be redeemed for impressive premiums. Just for enrolling, customers are given 2000 points and a free gift.

- Customer service is more of a focus with a privately owned company. All customer service issues are handled by the provider who, in turn, goes back to their supply line partner. In any case, your customers will receive service that is second to none.

- Most importantly, a personal touch is what your customers will feel as a customer of a privately owned energy provider. This is an important aspect since most conglomerate providers now operate call centers with automated response systems. With deregulated supply lines, a live person will answer the phone.

In these ways, energy deregulation has opened doors for brand new entrepreneurs. New businesses will crop up everywhere as other states come in line with the deregulation statutes. These new businesses stand to make lots of money on a product that everyone needs, everyone uses and everyone wants.
The deregulation will lift many restrictions and laws on energy supply companies. This is why it will be very simple to start with very little capital up front.
Combine unlimited income potential with low starting capital requirements and the possibilities present themselves rather nicely.

Do a little homework and see if this is in your future.
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