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Jan 17, 2008
If you're new to network marketing, I'm sure you're asking yourself what in the heck is network marketing affiliate products?

Network marketing affiliate products are products that you can market (sell) to your prospects or to your existing downline members.

The products should offer some value to the recipients; something that educates them and in turn makes them a more valuable prospect worth having in your downline.

When it comes to network marketing affiliate products, four top names come to mind: Joe Schroeder, Mike Dillard, Daegan Smith, and Ann Sieg.

Joe Schroeder is considered the "daddy" of the bunch because he was the first to use the "funded proposal" system, way back in the mid 1990s.

He went from being a relative unknown to the covers of over four home business magazines. He was heralded and was one of the first network marketers to incorporate the Internet into his business.

His products include the Warriors Nest and Spellbound, among several other products. His products heavily emphasize personal development. Joe Schroeder is still active in the network marketing industry; he offers group coaching for those in his inner circle.
Joe Schroeder is definitely in a league all his own.

This brings us to Mike Dillard who happened to be mentored by Joe Schroeder himself. Mike Dillard became a millionaire using the principals set forth in the funded proposal system while still in his mid-twenties.

His network marketing affiliate products consists of a home study manual called Magnetic Sponsoring and the much more advanced course, MLM Traffic Formula.
Magnetic Sponsoring consists of making yourself attractive to others so they are pursuing you, rather than you pursuing them. The whole premise of Magnetic Sponsoring is attraction marketing.

This course definitely put the funded proposal concept on the map and made Mike Dillard a network marketing icon. Joe Schroeder's "star" pupil has done very well for himself.

Next is Daegan Smith. Like Mike Dillard, Daegan had his network marketing eureka moment while still in his mid-twenties. His main product is his Internet Power Prospecting System.

This system has built-in funded proposals; you can earn residual commission with the system itself.

Ann Sieg is the "baby" of the bunch with her unleashing of her Renegade Network Marketer system in mid 2007.

Ann Sieg's Renegade system caused quite a stir when it was released due to her controversial 7 Great Lies e-book. Her products consist of two e-books and the Renegade system itself. The Renegade system is also an affiliate product too.

If you're looking for network marketing affiliate products that educate your prospects and your downline while earning you a nice check, then you don't have to look any further than Joe Schroeder, Mike Dillard, Daegan Smith, or Ann Sieg.

Thanks to them, network marketing is gaining legitimacy as a real business model that tries to educate rather than shove business opportunities down people's throats.
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