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Jan 17, 2008
Only in the past year has the writing on wall turned into a constant yelling in your face. The market saw a shift in April of 2005, however we didn't really see effect until a year later when in April of 2006, usually the best months for real estate and the mortgage industry, sales were totally flat. Sure things still moved, but they moved at a much slower pace. When things are moving slower, people start to worry and they get aggressive in their pricing strategies. They lower the price of the home and pretty soon, you see prices being slashed all over the county. This is the beginning of the slide. Just on my block alone in the last two months, there have been two foreclosures and one more around the corner. That is 3 foreclosures in a development of about 35 homes. Sad isnt it?

If you have been in the mortgage industry, you know the reasons for that. People were buying homes like they would be skyrocketing for ever. They did 100% financing, interest only loans or even worse, a low 1yr, 2yr or 3 yr fixed that went to an adjustable after the short term of the loan. Now that interest rates are back to normal from record lows, home owners find themselves owing more on the property that it is worth.

The same thing happened to me in 1991. I bought my first home. I put 50k down on it and three years later, the 50k in equity was gone. Instead of panicking, I just kept paying my mortgage. Another year went by and I owed more on the home than it was worth, because the market continued to spiral downward. It was my home and my only place to live, so I kept paying my mortgage. What was I going to do, go rent an apartment for around the price I was paying for my mortgage? No thanks. So I waited it out and you know what happened then. Kabooooom! Another 8 years later and I tripled my money.

Long story short.There is a better way than riding the wave to the Bermuda Triangle. It is called the internet and there are people making fortunes on the net everyday. You can either, sit back and watch us make millions on the net or you can get in now and figure out how to make the internet work for you instead you working to make your company rich. The choice is yours.
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Rick Lim loves to golf and spend time with his wife and two daughters.
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