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Use Ebay To Help Build Your List

Jan 17, 2008
The internet marketing mantra is "the money is in the list" There are all kinds of suggestions and strategies, courses and ebooks, videos and audios that will tell you the secrets to building a list.

Basically they all boil down to a common strategy, get targeted leads to visit your sign up page, otherwise known as a squeeze page, and get those leads to subscribe to your list. The trick is finding the targeted traffic and convincing them to visit your squeeze page.

A huge resource of traffic that is highly segregated into groups or niches, is often left out of the mix. A common marketing expression is fish where the fish are, which means go to where your target lead is hanging out. The biggest pool of fish in the internet world is Ebay. The great thing about the traffic on Ebay, they are already searching for things to buy.

Ebay is the largest marketplace in the world. Ebay says that during any given month, one third of all internet traffic goes to Ebay. There are millions of customers on Ebay every day just looking to spend money. Those customers are self segregating. With the Ebay category system, you can pretty much target in on almost any niche you can think of.

The person looking for watches is going to be browsing the watches category. The buyer looking for sunglasses will be in the sunglass category. The person looking for information products will be in the information product category.

If you are selling ebooks, it's the information product category that you should be interested in. Prospective buyers who are in essence looking for ebooks and are ready to buy. How much more of a targeted audience do you need?

This method does not have to be limited to ebooks, although they seem to work the best in terms of list building from Ebay. You can build a list from any category your product would fit into.

What you need to do is entice the buyers browsing your category to visit your website. Now Ebay does not let you link to any external sites from auction pages but Ebay does allow you to link to external sites from your About Me page. As part of your auction sales copy, suggest they visit your About Me page where they can learn about you and find out how to get a free report.

On your About Me page you can offer a free report or ebook or anything else you think would entice your buyers to click the link you have on you About Me page that will take them to your squeeze page. Now you have leveraged your Ebay traffic and converted it into your website traffic.

As I said you can do this for any category. If you are selling watches, you might give away a report on use and care of watches, or history of watchmaking, or any information related to watches that your customers might be interested in.

Even though any category can take advantage of this enormous traffic machine called Ebay, the ebook business seems to work the best. If you are selling information products you have another way to build your list in addition to using your About Me page.

You can sell ebooks at very low prices to entice customers to buy. Then when it is time to deliver the product, you can send them to a download page where you provide them with an extra bonus for subscribing to your list. Just another way to get targeted traffic on your list using the incredible traffic on Ebay.

As part of your overall strategy, you should include Ebay in your traffic generating system. Remember, you need to fish where the fish are and Ebay is the biggest pool of fish in the world.
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