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The Easy Way and The Hard Way To Create Your Web Page

Jan 17, 2008
You are ready to start your sales page layout. You have your sales letter written so now all you need to do is lay out the page and the rest of the site. You have two options, you can do it the easy way or you can do it the hard way.

Here is the hard way. First, you have to decide on the overall layout. Do you want a header or not. Most sites you have seen have headers but how do you create one. You open Photoshop and start to play with some shapes, colors, find some clip-art and when you are all done you have something that doesn't really look very professional, and it took you all day to create.

Now you have to think about the rest of the layout. You know you need a headline, but how big should you make it? What color should you make it? How big should your sub-headline be? What color should that be? You spend about three hours playing back and forth with sizes and colors and you finally think you have it.

Now you look at your other text. Your bullet points listing the benefits don't really have the impact you want. But you don't know how to add those big check marks that you see on other sites. You know your testimonials should be segregated in boxes with different backgrounds but you aren't sure how that works. You think it has something to do with tables but they don't seem to work right when you try to insert them. You look at the HTML code to see if the answer lies there, but you realize you may be in over your head.

That's the hard way, here is the easy way. Find a reputable graphic design shop that knows how to put a sales page together. Tell them what you want and how much you want to spend, they design the page, and you are done. While they were doing that, you spend all the time you would have spent trying to design your site, working on your marketing plans so that when your site goes live you are ready to drive traffic to it and generate sales.

If you choose the easy way, there are some things you should look for when hiring a graphic design group to do your work. There are lots of graphic designers that will create wonderful looking pages for you. The problem is, those wonderful pages won't sell anything. You need to find graphics professionals who are also sales professionals. That is much harder to do.

You want a graphics company that knows internet marketing. You want to find graphic designers that know how important headlines are, the importance of a good header, how sub-headlines work through the sales letter, how testimonials should be used and how they should be formatted. The graphic designers should know the flow of the sales page process from the attention grabbing headline all the way down to the prominent guarantee with the large guarantee badge to make sure the viewer doesn't miss it.

You also want a graphics group that won't cost you an arm and a leg. You don't want to mortgage your house just to have a website designed. Good graphic design groups should have some reasonable cost packages that you can use without breaking the bank. Sales page templates are a good example of a value priced solution. A good firm will be able to provide you with templates, optimized as sales pages, that you only have to cut and paste your text into.

You have two choices when it comes time to put your sales page together. You can spend a lot of time and effort on your own, get frustrated and end up with a less than professional looking site, or you can do it the easy way. Hire a good graphics group with internet marketing knowledge, and let them do it. Spend your time on marketing, which is how you make money and let someone else take care of the mechanics.
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