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Money and Traffic - A Good Main Focus For Your Startup Blog?

Jan 17, 2008
Should Money or Traffic Be Your Primary Focus When You're Starting a Blog?

Whenever you start out a new blog, a few concerns may arise. Will you be successful? Will you get the profits that you are anticipating? Will your blog be ranked amongst the top on the search engines? These are just a few concerns that may be going through your head as you start a new blog. But when you are first starting out a blog your main focus should never be the money but on getting the traffic.

For a lot of you, you may be thinking that the only purpose to having a blog is the monetary profits. But really, blogs are a great way to share information with others but earn a little extra money on the side. When you first start your blog, you will not automatically start receiving huge checks in the mail. Like any business, you must work at it and put forth your best effort in order to start reaping the benefits.

When people start reading blogs, they are looking for good, quality information. If you are only in it for the money and don't have good content on your page, you will not get the hits that you are looking for. When you don't put effort into your blog, people can tell. But when you put a lot of effort, not only will people want to keep reading, but they will recommend your blog to others. Make your content worth reading also. If your blog is just full of a bunch keywords, you will get continuous readers.

You could also visit other sites that you like and are well set up and contain useful information. Don't be afraid to leave comments on these pages, but don't leave annoying spamming messages for others to check out your own page. Not only is this annoying to the blog owner, but it may not get you as many hits as you are looking for. But, by leaving helpful comments, it may be a good way for readers to notice your expertise and want to look at your own blog.

Another way to get your name out there is to offer to guest blog on other blogs. This is like free advertising for your blog. If people are impressed by what you write, they will most definitely want to check out your own blog. And never turn down an offer when someone requests you as a guest blogger. If you are not getting as many hits as you would like, the same could apply for your blog. Ask a few people to guest blog on you page and see if that can attract more traffic.

Always keep in mind that money should never be your main motivation when you decide to start out a new blog. If it is your motivation, you should maybe look for a different side business somewhere else. But, if you focus on your blog and try to keep it good quality, the financial benefits will come with time. Just be patient and put forth your best effort.
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