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Are Low Dollar Affiliate Programs Worth the Effort

Jan 17, 2008
When you first think about all those low dollar affiliate programs, you may not be thinking about lots of money or great profits. But if you also think about how a lot of 'little money' can add up to become big money, you may rethink your ideas about affiliate programs. There are a few guidelines and things to consider before signing up for your first affiliate program, but remember that there is a profit that can be made from this.

But before you start adding a bunch of random programs and weird banners to your blog, you should seriously consider each different program and whether or not you really want to promote them. Remember that your readers are reading your blog because they trust you and like your advice and good content. If you start to promote bad products or lousy businesses, what will your readers think about your judgment? This could be a bad reflection on you and your recommendation.

Another thing to consider is the where you place all the links and small ads. Try and place in the best locations, on the side of your content and near the top. If you place them low on the page or at the bottom, they will not be seen by all of your readers. Find a spot that will catch their attention but doesn't distract from the overall feel of your blog.
This may take some time and a lot of work, but you can find the right place to position them.

You should also keep in mind that the amount of traffic on your depend with determine the amount of success you will have from these affiliate programs. If you don't have much traffic on your page besides a few business colleagues, you may not have much success and could be a waste of space on your blog. But if your traffic is up and you are ranked high with the search engines, then you should have no problem getting the type of hits you are looking for.

One other aspect that is important is whether or not the product or program that you are promoting has much relevance to your blog and site. If you were trying to sell e-books about the importance of socks on a blog about the stock market, you would not have any success. Just try to add to the overall flow of your blog and try not to take away from it. These affiliate programs should go hand in hand with your blog, not be a huge distraction for your readers.

Just remember that there is always a profit to be made with these affiliate programs, whether it is small or large. Every little bit counts and as long as you are putting forth your part, your benefits could be a lot bigger than you ever expected. After a few weeks if some programs aren't benefiting you like you had wished, change things up and try to find others that fit your readers needs a little better. But there are always things you can do to improve the situation.
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