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How to Earn Money Blogging

Jan 17, 2008
The hobby of blogging has now become a great way to earn a little extra money and be a side business. There are still many people who enjoy blogging as their hobby or a way to display their creativity but at the same time, earning some money on the side. So where do you draw the line? What kind of role does money play when it come to blogging?

If you are a first time blogger or have been blogging for a long time, the first thing you need to decide before making that first post is what your motivation really is. If your number one goal for blogging is to make a lot money, you should probably look for a different business. Many are having great success with their blogs but for most, they are not going to be millionaires off their blog.

When you decide to start blogging, you shouldn't make it all about the money. Focus on your readers first and when you are trying to meet their needs first is when you receive the most benefits. If you want to know what they want to read, ask them. A lot of times you don't even need to ask them, you can just read the different comments that they have left. Many will leave suggestions for other posts or ask questions that could spark a whole new topic. When you are focusing on your readers, they will enjoy what they are reading and pass the blog onto others.

If you are making a little extra money from your blog, then treat it like a business. Try your best to get good advertisements and publicity. There is much to learn by treating your blog like a business, whether or not you are looking for it. If your first go at having a blog isn't very successful as you would like, make a few changes and see if that helps.

When the money does start to come from your blog, make sure to pay yourself. The more time you spend on the blog, the better it will be and the more hits you will get. Reward yourself for that hard work before you invest the money in the blog or a different business. And don't feel guilty by earning money from your hobby. There are hundreds out there doing just the same.

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a good blogger but don't really know where to start or how to set it all up with the advertisers, the links, making posts and everything else then a partnership would be the right way to go.

If you can't find someone who wants to go into business with you, there are plenty of bloggers who are looking for writers all the time. Look for what fits your personality the best. Don't settle for the first job you find because there are plenty of opportunities available. Blogging can be a great way to earn some extra money, just find what works best for and stick to it!
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