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Blogging - When it's for Somebody Else

Jan 17, 2008
Having your own blog can sometimes feel like a full time job especially when you have to deal with all the upkeep, regulate comments, and staying on top of all the daily tasks. Many people may enjoy this type of work, but for others they may not enjoy it as much. Luckily there is an option for someone who wants to blog but not have to deal with all the upkeep. But, like most options, there are always ups and downs.

If you choose to blog for someone else, you may find a lot of great benefits. One benefit is that you will have a steady paycheck. You get to express yourself and your ideas freely and your paycheck is guaranteed. Many companies will even pay you extra bonuses for extra traffic or commission off the advertisements.
Another reason why you might consider blogging for someone else is because they do all the hard work. You don't have to go find advertising, worry about all the maintenance issues, or regulate the blog by keeping it current. All you have to do is write fun and captivating posts and let others do the dirty work.

If you have your own blog already, it may be fun to expand your interests by writing for a different blog and exploring new topics. It may also help you become a more fluid author and learn about new topics outside of where you generally stay. As a blogger, you should always be trying to find ways to improve each post and let the next one be better than the last.

Besides the benefits, there are some cons too. One thing to consider before deciding to blog for someone else is that you may have a quota to fill each week. If you are not used to writing under pressure, it may be hard for you to get good content and make your blogs meaningful. The content is the most important part of the blog and if you think it may be hard for you to blog under pressure.

Some bloggers may also not care about content, but just want you to write stuff with a lot of keywords that will get them high traffic. If you feel like that is their motivation behind having a blog, you want want to look at some other options. And don't ever be afraid to voice your opinion when it comes to the content and blog posts.

No matter what your job may be, there will always be both good and bad to every situation. There will always be things you like and don't like. You just need to decide before you start blogging for someone whether or not the cons are worth dealing with. And don't forget to weigh in the benefits. You don't ever have to settle for a blog that you don't feel comfortable writing for. Check out your options and see what is available to you before you settle for a blog to write for.
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