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The In's And Out's Of Incentive or Freebie Marketing

Jan 17, 2008
Incentive Marketing is a relatively new entity on the web however, it has been rumored that incentive marketing is actually declining. In reality though, Incentive marketing is spreading like wildfire on the internet. This increasingly popular entity provides many great benefits for consumers and marketers alike.

Just one such benefit for savvy marketers who utilize incentive marketing is that it is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty. When you offer your customers or potential customers valuable incentives as rewards or enticements for participation they are by nature appreciative, and also tend to become a bit more relaxed in an otherwise sometimes skeptical situation.

Yet another powerful benefit of incentive marketing when done correctly would be brand awareness for you, your site and your products. Everyone likes getting something for nothing, or next to nothing and when you are the provider of such, you are remembered. It is that memory which often spawns return customers.

There are actually several forms of incentivised marketing and the techniques can vary greatly from one type of market to next. For certain businesses, incentive marketing can actually mean the difference between success and failure. The increase in customer response related to the opportunity to receive free gifts and/or other types of free stuff such as name brand merchandise, travel vouchers, gift cards or other promotional items can be a tremendous boost for an otherwise failing or stagnate business.

On an overall basis, incentivised marketing put simply is the practice of motivating consumers to a higher level of performance by offering them rewards in return for reaching predetermined goals. This not only provides a higher level of user participation for an existing website/business, but can also provide new and aspiring businesses a very powerful and effective means of building rather quickly a level of success that by other means would take much longer.

Incentivised marketing can be an extremely effective way to drive millions of potential customers and therefore potential sales transactions to your web site and the best part is, when it is structured properly this can be accomplished with very little effort on you your part.

There has been a more recent widespread increase of what is generally known as "freebie" sites popping up around the www. The success of these sites is without a doubt directly related to the fact that nearly everyone has things that they would love to own but cannot afford to just go out and buy. For instance, that brand new computer system that you've been looking at, or maybe that 52" wide screen TV you saw that nearly floored you when you saw the price tag. The rewards offered through these sites vary widely and at times are even left to the consumers choice.

These "freebie" sites, operate purely as incentivised marketing entities. They provide major brand name product advertisers with potential clients through website introduction using incentives to stimulate participation. In return, these advertisers pay them very well indeed for their services. This provides the site owners the capital to provide their users with such extravagant rewards as the "big ticket" items above, or even generous amounts of cash for their participation.

This scenario creates a very unique and beneficial situation for everyone involved. It is actually a true win, win, win situation where the advertisers gain the prospective clients they are looking for, the website operators gain not only monetary rewards but also a virally growing client list that in reality builds itself, and the end user/consumer gains not only the "gift" they wanted, but also is introduced to some of the worlds newest products and services available. The process by design is very smooth and at the end, everyone goes away happy.
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