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How To Find A Job Through Recruitment Agencies?

Jan 17, 2008
There are several ways where your can find a job, like newspapers ads, online recruitment agencies etc. But most of them prefer to find a job through recruitment agencies as it is very convenient for them. These organizations are very helpful for most of the people in finding a right job. A good certified recruiting agency will frequently been approached by large firms, because they will be in need of staffs.

These agencies provide a great advantage to both the jobseeker and the company. Because they help in finding the right candidate for the company who suits their business needs and at the same time the jobseeker also gets the right job which he/she needs. This eradicates the tiring job hunting and interviews. So if you want to find good employees for your firm recruitment agencies are the best place to search for.

One major benefit from these for both the employer and the company is, employees will be inspected by the agency to judge how appropriate they are for the positions. Companies can provide a job description to the recruitment agency so that the agency can sort out throughout the data bases of job finders to seek the ideal candidate who suits your company.

Recruitment firms only have access to a small percentage of the available jobs out there; in fact many are not advertised or are hidden. It is estimated that up to 80% of jobs are hidden as only 10% of positions ever make their way into the hands of recruitment companies. And given the proliferation of agencies vying for a share of the lucrative commissions, at best even the largest, most well-resourced recruitment firm has only 2% of the job market in a job seekers sector. But herein lays the bigger problem. As the job seeker is not the one paying the recruiters, they are not the recruiter's number one priority.

So, there are few things you must keep in mind when you are finding a job through a recruitment agency. You must not pay them for their services, as the employers will already pay them off to find them an ideal candidate. And the second thing is to design a perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae) to find you a right job, and another thing is to maintain a good relationship with some of the recruitment agencies, because this will ensure you get selected for interviews.

Therefore if you are trying to find a job through a recruitment agencies, you must have a healthy relationship with them by phone, e-mail or directly. So if you are trying to get in to the golden opportunity be in contact and pass on your needs to the agent anyway, make sure they recognize your future desires and plans. Get a top recruitment agent to find you your dream job.
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