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How To Arrange Your Company Away Day

Jan 18, 2008
You need to arrange your next company away day, you've had a look online and you've realised that the choice is massive! There are fun activities, high adrenalin activities, creative activities and all sorts of activities that you've never heard of before. What do you do? Which ones would be good for you? What do you have to remember when organising them?

Firstly you have to establish your objectives, how many people will be attending and what your budget is. Lets just assume that you've done all this, you know what you want to achieve and you now just want an idea of what the pros and cons are for the different types so you can take it into consideration when arranging your company away day.

Lets look at outdoor events and what you will need to think about. Best time of the year to host an outdoor event is pretty much anytime of year apart from winter. Winter months will work but you need to really have carefully considered which specific activity and its suitability.

The advantage of an outdoor event for your company away day is that well organised and professional events will invigorate and motivate your team. Getting your team out of their four walls and breathing fresh air is leveller between the different ranks, it's also a healthy option and if the right event is chosen can endorse a holistic approach to your teams development.

If you are hosting an outdoor event at a venue, remember to see how far away the grounds are, will your teams be able to get to them quickly and easily? If the event is to take place in an adjoining field, are there toilets there, if not how long will it take to get to them? Has the grass been cut in the field?

If it has then that's great but can the venue guarantee that it will be cut a couple of days before your event, you can't be wading around a field with grass up to your knees! Can you have refreshments on the grounds rather than going back to the venue and wasting valuable time? It's a common mistake to make when arranging a company away day, many people get so caught up in the event itself that they forget the details and these are pretty important details, we guarantee your team will need to visit the toilet and we guarantee they will need a drink!

If your outdoor event is something that potentially means that your teams will either get wet, muddy or sweaty have you got somewhere for them to freshen up afterwards? If you are staying at the venue, then your guests can shower in their rooms but what if you are not, what can you do here, nobody will want to travel home feeling dirty or wet. You have a couple of choices here, you can either book a number of bedrooms for your teams to freshen up in, this happens fairly frequently but it is going to cost you. If your venue has a health club or even just a swimming pool then the likelihood is that they'll have changing rooms, ask the venue if you can use them to change in and you'll probably find if you are booking your company away day with them they'll throw this in free of charge.

Use this guidelines as a starting point, speak to an experienced events company and together you'll arrange a fantastic company away day!
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Shaun Parker has arranged numerous company away days and team building events and shares his experiences to make life easier for you.
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