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But I Just Want to Stuff Envelopes!

Jan 18, 2008
When I talk to people who want to work at home, a lot of them just want something simple to do. This is no doubt why the idea that you can just stuff envelopes and earn a fabulous income has stuck around. People want working at home to be easy.

But if you really want to earn enough to make it worth your while, it probably won't be easy.

A good rule of thumb is to be cautious about any opportunity that makes it sound to easy. People, if it were that easy to earn big bucks at home, we'd all be doing it. There are good reasons why it takes a lot of effort for most people to work at home.

Certainly some work at home jobs are easier than others. You need serious training to be a medical transcriptionist, for example, and many times the doctor's dictation is still hard to understand. In the meantime, the training for jobs such as mystery shopper or data entry may be minimal. These jobs still won't be easy every day, but they are jobs more people feel they would be competent to perform.

But let's get back to that envelope stuffing job. Why won't it, or its online, fraudulent counterparts, work?

The first reason is quite simply that it's often borderline to flat out illegal. In many cases envelope stuffing opportunities consist of sending a report on how to do envelope stuffing to people who ask you how to get into envelope stuffing. It's not something you should really get yourself into. The money cannot possibly be worth the potential legal issues.

The second is that most companies who legitimately need mailers stuffed into envelopes have machines do it for them. They don't need humans to do this kind of work. Machines can do it faster, better and cheaper.

So how can you get the easiest, most profitable work at home opportunity you can find?

A big part of that depends on you and your skills. If you love to write, there are many opportunities for writing. Just keep from underpricing yourself. If you'd rather do customer service, there are jobs out there.

"Easy" is so much a personal definition that you have to be careful about it. You'll also want to remember that the easier the job, the more likely that there will be heavy competition to get it. Lots of people want easy, even when the pay is nothing special.

But no matter how easy the job is, it is still WORK. Just as with any other job, you have to work at it, and some days will be harder than others. This is true whether you find that perfect work from home job or start a home business.
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Stephanie Foster runs http://www.homewiththekids.com/ as a resource for people who want to work from home. Learn how to spot many of the work from home scams at her site.
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