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A Bounce House Business Is Great For The Whole Family

Jan 18, 2008
Owning a moonwalk business a great experience. The inflatables business is not only fun...it's profitable too! And actually the problem is rarely that your company won't grow...the biggest problem is that if you aren't careful...you can grow too fast.

There are a few questions you want to ask yourself when starting an inflatables business.

Why would I want to start a bounce house business?

Moonbounce rentals are a great home based business with a low initial investment with extremely fast cash return.

How can I get Started?

Plan your company: type of rentals, equipment you want, what type of company you want to be. Talk to an attorney and accountant about local laws. Plan ahead because you're going to grow...and you want to be ready

After you decide what equipment you want, start talking with manufacturers and place your order. Most orders take up to 4 weeks for delivery so plan ahead.

Who are my Customers?

Kids everywhere! Birthday parties, church events, family reunions, post prom parties, summer camps, corporate picnics & events, holiday parties, store promotions, school parties, street fairs and festivals, swap meets, pre-schools, day cares, Halloween festivals, fund raisers, car dealerships, grand openings, shopping malls and lots lots more...don't forget family reunions. Look for all the posibilities!

Is there a quick profit?

If your bounce rental is $150.00 (which is a low standard in much of the country...based on average rentals of 1 1/2 times a week for 7 months (very few of us work 12 mos/year, You should make approx $6750.00 for that one unit. If you want to maximize your rentals...really push that unit. Assume you rent another 2 times a week at 1/2 price. This adds $4500.00 for the 7 mos. Total income turning into $11,250....for just one unit that costs less than 3,000.00. Just image what you can do if you add to your profit with packages...or purchase 3 more bounces! 4 bounces averaging $225.00 each week for 30 weeks + $27,000.00. Not bad for a part time home business!

Where to I grow?

Just start adding more equipment. Just don't purchase too much at a time. The most successful rental companies maximize the use of their equipment. Before you spend a fortune on a "showpiece" work the numbers and make sure it'll make you more money than you would make if you bought 2-3 less expensive pieces,

One last thing...remember..inflatables are sewn vinyl..Should by chance you have an act of vandalism before an event....units can always be patched. Check with your salesperson on how to handle any possible emergency that might come up.

What's Next?

Go out and MAKE SOME MONEY!!!
About the Author
Cheryl Pierce has been helping companies get started in the inflatables business for 15 years. If you'd like to learn more about starting a Inflatables Business , visit Cheryl's website PartyZone Entertainment.
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