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Premium Rate Sms Number-make Money From Texting

Jan 18, 2008
The article details all about Premium Rate SMS service, the benefits, charges and services. For end users it will help them to use the services judiciously. Premium rate SMS number works much in the same way as a premium rate telephone number. The only difference is that in a premium rate SMS the customer is charged for the messages that he sends while for a premium rate number he is charged for the calls that he makes to a premium rate number.

The setup costs for the Premium SMS service is approximately 100. A monthly admin fee of 25 is also charged. The charges for the shared shortcode keywords vary and the monthly charges can be 25 each for one to two keywords, 15 each for three to five keywords and 10 each for more than six keywords.

Outpayment charges will vary per service provider. Vodafone charges 9.975p for a 25p premium SMS service; Virgin charges 7.5p, plus there are different rates for 50p, 100p, 150p, 300p, 500p Premium Rate numbers. Many companies are happy to help you get started in this business and render a Premium rate SMS setup to service providers. They do this with the assistance of SMS software that software they have obtained from a third party or that they have developed themselves.

It is advantageous to understand the technical issues involved when starting up a SMS service. If you retain an existing website, application, or messaging system, you can combine new messaging software into the present application. It is wise, we understand, to be careful about using a new application that will run parallel to your existing application. But the messaging software we provide integrates seamlessly with any application or web browser.

Premium Rate SMS services are broadening marketing possibilities for a wide scope of products, and as a result, sellers are eager to take advantage of this service. As a Premium Rate SMS service buyer, you will be able to offer various services, products, and activities. These include a wide range of information and items like school results, train timetables, mobile gaming, and shopping for ringtones and wallpaper.

In some countries (Australia is a good example), Premium Rate SMS services are regulated. It is required that customers have a personal identification number to use the service, which halts unauthorised access. It also stops children from using services that are not meant for them.

Before deciding on which operator will provide you with services, look into the revenue sharing model they offer. Make sure you will be getting an adequate return on your investments. And make sure the operator provides support 24/7. This is crucial; even an hour's downtime can cause problems with your revenue estimations.

For customers using Premium Rate SMS service there is a word of caution. You should keep a track of the services used, incase you are taken for a ride in your bill you can always challenge the provider. If you can take care of the billing then you can use Premium Rate SMS service for many useful purposes.
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