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Setting Up A Premium Rate Phone Line - Know The Basics

Jan 18, 2008
This article explains a number of basic issues about setting up a premium rate phone line. It goes over the charges associated with the setup, the regulatory issues, and provides an overview of some of the services you may want to offer as a Premium Rate Service Provider. Premium Rate Phone services offer various items of interest to customers. These include hardware/software support, weather forecasts, adult chat lines and many others. If this strikes you as a stimulating way to make money but you have no idea how to go about it, hopefully we can provide you with a clearer understanding.

The infrastructure set up and running the services is easy. You need to narrow down on an operator from whom you want to avail your services. Check out all aspects before closing in on one particular operator. The revenue sharing, support offered, back up and disaster recovery and legal and compliance issues all need to be clarified before you start doing business with any particular operator.

In the United Kingdom, Premium Rate Numbers begin with 0906. Premium Rate Number Services usually generate a per-call revenue of between of 0.15 and 1.5 a minute. This is a good rate and allows you to earn approximately 60000 a year, providing you offer consistent, quality services.

After you decide on a particular line of service, you can get in touch with any of the operators that offer Premium Rate Services. You will need to decide on the package that suits you because operators offer various kinds of packages for service providers. Pre-built packages include ready-made services. Or you can opt for a custom package if you feel that your business requires one.

You can also choose to connect your services to an Interactive Voice Recording System like horse racing tips or weather forecasts. The Infrastructure provider will help you interface your service to an IVR or even a website, if you want to direct call traffic to a website.

Before you try to set up your business, be aware of an important regulatory angle. This has to do with the entire Premium Rate Services story. You have to register your services with ICSTIS, which is the governing body that regularizes Premium Rate Services across the entire U.K.

Nowadays, rules governing Premium Rate Services have become strict because of the many frauds and scams that have taken place. Without a service provider license from ICSTIS, you will not succeed to get any operator to offer services to you.

The content you offer, once your services are running is also critical. It is only the content and your level of service that can help you keep up a consistent consumer base. If your content is not following the standards as specified by ICSTIS there is a chance that it may initiate some kind of investigation against your service.

Premium rate services are a fantastic way to earn money. With just a short lead time before hitting the market, a Premium Rate business done properly can help you earn the money you have always dreamt about.
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