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Premium Rate Provider - Offering Value Added Services

Jan 18, 2008
This article will explain all about Premium Rate Service Providers. It explains all about the services offered, the charges and various other information for the providers themselves and the end users. In today's tough business scenario of cut throat competition, every business is trying to move ahead of its rival.

Premium Rate Services helps you improve customer relationship management while earning revenues by offering high-end services to your customers. These services can also be used as a business in themselves. How? By offering various items such as weather forecasts, horse racing tips, the sale of products and services over the phone, horoscopes, chat lines, and much more.

Premium Rate Services have been growing in the United Kingdom at an explosive rate and customers are all ready to buy services as long as they offer value. Year on Year the services have registered a growth of 30% and people have spent 850 million on buying these services. Along with all the good news there has been some amount of bad news as well. Scams, unfair billing and other complaints have started their upward curve.

ICSTIS and Ofcom have taken some concrete steps towards mitigating potential damage. One of their main weapons is recommending that operators or phone companies provide an exact list of all the service providers that do business with them. ICSTIS solicits details from the operators such as the contact details of the service provider and the support numbers given to their customers in the United Kingdom.

ICSTIS has taken another important step. The agency has made it mandatory that phone companies submit numbers, which they have transferred to other operating companies. These measures give ICSTIS a clearer picture about the providers and operators who are offering the services.

But customers may not be able to find a solution to their problems. This is because their phone companies do not have agreements with the service providers, which means the phone companies are not very much help. The best option in these cases is for the customer to approach ICSTIS directly to seek out a solution.

Fortunately, new technology is constantly making it more feasible for the services that companies are offering to improve. In order to obtain a bigger and better share of this gold mine, service providers are also upping the ante. The top rates for the end users, set by ICSTIS, remains at 1.50. (This rate pertains to providers who are registered with ICSTIS.)

There are many other providers who may not be registered with the body, with the sole intention of charging higher per minute rates and duping customers. As end users of Premium Rate Services we should be aware of such unscruplous providers and check out whether they are registered with ICSTIS. Steps like freezing funds of providers have been initiated by ICSTIS which will help customers to get back a part or whole of their money if they have been duped.
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