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Premium Rate Scam - Be Aware Of Missed Calls And Other Scams

Jan 18, 2008
This article describes some prevalent Premium Rate Scams. We illustrate the common techniques used by scamsters, and attempt to make people aware of various problems. The first example we address is the issue of missed calls on your mobile phone. There may be something suspicious going on if you receive a missed call from someone at an unknown number beginning with a 0709 prefix.

The scam is simple yet effective and you can be taken for a ride. The scamsters dial in a number for a fraction of a minute in anticipation that the person will call back, and that is when the game starts. Once you call into this number which is being used for the fraud your telephone bill immediately starts ticking. What happens is pretty simple to understand. You are dialling into a premium rate number and getting charged for a call which you never wanted to make.

People have exaggerated rates, claiming that for a scam call a person can be charged 50 per minute. The agency that regulates Premium Rate Number services, the ICSTIS, clearly states that the charge for a premium rate number cannot be greater than 1.50 per minute.

The point is, even if you are not losing a large amount, you are definitely losing money and the scamsters are taking in a windfall. You can easily save yourself from getting duped by using a little common sense. The remedy is simple. When you receive a missed call from a 0709 number and you are not sure who it is, it is best not to call back.

If you think that the call may be from a business associate, call back. But the first instance you feel that the person on the other end is trying to take advantage of you monetarily, immediately hang up. These kinds of scams die a quick death primarily because people become aware of them and because the authorities take stern action.

Another scam happened in Luton in the United Kingdom. It is even more shocking. Typically a well-dressed distressed lady knocks on your door. She asks for help. She explains that her car has broken down and that she needs to call her husband. Being a Good Samaritan, you decide to help her out. You hand her your phone. She makes the call. The call however is definitely not to her husband but an Interactive Voice Recording system.

The lady actually has used your phone to call a prime rate number and will make money from the call. Until you get your bill, however, you will not realize that you have been had. People exaggerate the amount a person can be billed. Rumor has it that the figure can be as high as 50 per minute. But by law, ICSTIS puts the limit at 1.50 per minute.

Scams like the above are common in the United Kingdom. Be careful not to fall into the trap set by these scamsters.
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