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Blogging: How To Get Any Blog Making Money

Jan 18, 2008
Blogging is the recent trend to hit the internet world with a massive impact. There are absolutely millions of blogs out there on just as many different subjects and every blog owner wants to get that that top 3 positions on Google where laser targeted traffic is guaranteed. Before you can even dream of achieving this you need to get enough traffic to your site and them all-important repeat readers. I know your now asking yourself. . . How is this done?

To be a good blogger and ultimately hit those Google dizzy heights, you must learn how to stimulate your readers and grab their interest. If you can prepare quality content on your blog that will show off you enthusiasm for the subject and also add a personal effect to it, it will encourage conversation on the subject and drive new readers to your blog.

You have to remember no two blogs are identical; each blogger has their own style of writing. You need to learn to surprise your readers with unique content that will keep them coming back for more and subscribing to your feed. So make that great impression with the reader through fantastic writing.

It is absolutely vital you update your blog at least 5 times a week. Some readers may return everyday and will be disappointed if nothing new has appeared. When looking at this as a possible business, the more you update the more traffic you will receive, so a good blogger really needs to be spending about an hour a day reading and writing.

To be a good blogger you need to be on top of the game in your required subject, you need the latest information that can then be posted to your readers. Remember it is important that you realize that you are writing for your readers and not the other way around.

Another good practice to follow is to keep an eye on any comments posted on your blog. Take advice seriously and implement any necessary improvements. Readers will always appreciate interaction and will reward you with informing friends therefore increasing your traffic. Always be open to help a reader and take criticism on the chin.

The number one most important thing that needs to be remembered about blogging is to be honest. It is crucial you do not exaggerate or mislead readers as the effects of this can be drastic. If your dialogue is not honest you will have readers flocking to the nearest blog on the same subject.

Your blog is ultimately your shop window, you can reach millions of potential readers and increase your credibility on a certain subject. Doing this and sticking to the advice given above will help your blog turn into a money making machine.
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I have been blogging now for 3 years and have 40 blogs all based on niche markets. If your looking to make money online with a blog or any other way visit http://money-makingtruth.blogspot.com/ .

Tim Grice
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