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Renegade University - 5 Things You Need To Overcome To Succeed In MLM

Jan 18, 2008
One of the toughest hurdles for renegade network marketers to negotiate is getting started. It's a very real problem.

Finding a step-by-step system is the obvious answer but while there are many gurus willing to help, not too many lay out the entire process from start to finish in easy to follow steps.

You generally just get advice on one area but most times, it's a case of "putting the cart before the horse."

One of the biggest faults people have in any venture online and offline is falling into that syndrome called analysis paralysis. It's crippling to those craving any type of success.

This comes about through information overload - getting lots of information from different sources all suggesting what you should and need to do. As a new player to online marketing, all this does is confuses you and hence you over analyze which then leads to a state of paralysis.

Most people know why they want to be financially free yet even when a system is laid out in front of them they still struggle to get off the starting blocks. In a recent survey conducted in finding out what potential online marketers considered was their biggest stumbling block in becoming successful, the majority responded being shown how as their major desire.

Renegade University

There is a big fear factor when people are confronted with a new concept. The recent publicity surrounding the death of old network marketing lead generation methods caused quite a stir within the industry. People were exposed to the 7 great lies of network marketing and many resonated with it.

There is some merit in a Renegade University concept where raw internet marketers can go and get the type of training which they can implement within their MLM business and get into cash flow as quickly as possible.

Lack of cash flow is the biggest killer for network marketers and the main reason they drop out of their opportunity within the first three months.

So what are the major stumbling blocks in getting your inter-network marketing business off the ground? Here are the top five:

1. Lack of knowledge. Not knowing enough about the concept of using internet marketing as a leverage to build an MLM business.

2. Lack of skills. Many MLMers are being confronted with the concept on marketing online for the first time and really have no skills in this area.

3. No websites. We're not just talking about company generated sites which are restrictive and all look the same. We're talking about having your own website with which you can brand yourself with.

4. Doing business like everyone else. Success comes when you can add a slight twist to what's already successful. Create a system within a system.

5. Having a step-by-step system to follow. Being able to go to a credible training ground and get hold-you-by-the-hand training with a series of activity steps to follow.
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