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The Truth Abouth Renegade University Reviews

Jan 18, 2008
Network marketers are at the beginning of a revolution and most have no idea what's about to take place.

The internet has been around for well over a decade now yet the majority of MLMers are still fumbling around in the dark trying to grow their stagnant businesses using outdated promotional and marketing techniques.

One of the main areas of consideration is in the area of generating targeted prospects. Targeted prospects are those people who want to hear your offer however, while they are lukewarm when they first make contact with you, the urge to push one's primary business from the outset is huge, yet this is a very big mistake.

The Art Of Attraction Marketing

Let's take a look at some of the ways in turning a prospect from lukewarm to raging hot.

1. Never push your own agenda from the get go. It's tempting to want to smother a prospect with all the great aspects about your business but resist this urge. If you don't, then you'll lose them 99.9% of the time following your first meeting.

2. Once a prospect comes into your funnel the relationship begins and if you think anything other than relationship then you are better off simply cutting the umbilical chord between you and your prospect before you even begin.

3. Offering a prospect value from the outset is attraction marketing at it's best. Value can come in many forms from a free eBook, personal training or simply providing them with a means for contacting you directly.

4. Your prospect is more likely to follow you into business if you adopt the above approach. It won't matter what you say when you're ready to pitch your primary business offer to them because they will already have made up their minds about whether to do business with you or not. This will have simply been based on what has taken place in the lead up to your main offer.

Inter-Network Marketing

The new way of marketing an MLM business is, to be honest, not so new. It's a combination of internet and network marketing with a heavy emphasis on the former.

When assessing Renegade University reviews, be careful not to think of it as the big magic red button to solving your MLM woes. Building a networking business takes work but there is a difference between hard work and smart work. The secret is in getting your prospects coming to you; a concept the network marketing world struggles to come to terms with.
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