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Three Profitable Online Business Opportunities You Want To Consider

Jinger Jarrett
Jan 18, 2008
If you've been on the internet for any length of time, then you know it's a great place to communicate with your family and friends, as well as business associates. It's also a great place to start a business. The advantage of an online business is that instead of having a brick and mortar storefront with local customers, now you can have a website and offer your products and services to customers worldwide.

If you've decided that you want to start your own online business, then your first step should be to choose a business that you're both knowlegeable about, and you are interested in selling.

Once you choose your topic, then you should decide what model you choose. This can be your own products or services built using minisites. The advantage here is that if you choose digital products, you can deliver your products 24/7. Even if you offer physical products, once you create your product, then all you have to do is focus on processing the orders and shipping them.

For those that aren't interested in creating their own products, you should consider affiliate programs. You can build a website around a particular topic with a wide variety of products that support that topic. Once you build your website, then you can simply focus on marketing because there's no customer service involved.

When selecting affiliate products for your site, you need to decide if it is a product that you would buy. If it's not, then you probably shouldn't include it in your affiliate product offerings.

Another point to consider is your affiliate commission. You want to make sure that you mix up your offerings. Combine advertising like Adsense with single sale products, and if you can find them, look for sites that offer recurring commissions. You also want to make sure that you include companies that offer lifetime commissions. This can really help you increase your residual income.

Third, if you like to write, I would recommend creating a blog and writing about your topic. You can write product reviews about your own products or affiliate programs you sell, offer articles and other related information, and sell advertising. Just make sure that you keep your topic tightly focused, and that you stick to your topic.

Again, you should make sure that you're knowlegeable about your topic and that's there's a market for what you want to sell. The advantage here is that as long as you're knowledgeable about your topic, you won't have any trouble writing about it.

Although there are many other online business models you can consider, these are three that can be very profitable as long as you choose a topic that you're interested in and there's a market for it.
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