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What Else Do I Need To Have That Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Aug 17, 2007
So you want to be an entrepreneur. Better yet you want to be a Net Entrepreneur, an Internet Marketer, An Affiliate Professional, and you want to know if you got what it takes. What do I need to be if I want to succeed on the net?

I have always found that you need to have certain Independence to your character. You need to show people that you are Self-Confident. Most entrepreneurial spirits are discontent when working in large organizations, especially where their authority and control over production is minimal. This is not a bad thing in this case but most entrepreneurs are control freaks and perfectionists. They generally believe that they can achieve a better result if they are personally in control of the production process. In order words they are the people who started the saying that if you want something done right, do it yourself.

It is a most that you be realistic and at the same time positive? How can you be both you ask. Well you just have to. You can be positive and think that you will be successful in your first year but realistic and know that you will not necessarily become a multi millionaire in that first year. You really need to lean and accept that life isn't perfect. When life gives an you lemons, turn them into lemonade, open a little stand and sell it at 10 cents a glass plus shipping and handling. If you hit a snag or a major setback (and you will) take it as a challenged rather than getting discouraged and quitting then spend the rest of time wondering what could have been.

Be willing to take moderate risks. A common myth about entrepreneurs is their tendency to engage in risky behavior. Nothing is further from the truth. Successful entrepreneurs
carefully evaluate risk in terms of the potential rewards and the realistic odds of realizing those rewards. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan and if you want to hear a man, who probably invented taking risks, read up on their owner Jerry Jones. Truly, truly an amazing entrepreneur and risk taker. Now you don't have to be like him to succeed on the net but it's important that we learn the mindset of successful people. People like Donald Trump, Jerry Jones, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods....all have been somewhat successful in what they do.

One last point is small business success is 90% due to perseverance. Desire and determination fuels an entrepreneur's ability to tough out the early days when large
investments of time, money and energy bring minimal return. Perseverance is the characteristic that ensures survival during bad times and keeps entrepreneurs focused on the road to success.

We all have it in us. There were no bigger wimps than me growing up and I made it. You can too...Have some hope and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you.
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