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Pick Your Hosting Provider Carefully

Jan 18, 2008
My hosting experience is I'm sure similar to what a lot of first time web hosting buyers run into, sheer confusion. It seems like there are a million different companies out there offering hosting packages with 500 different options to each one. Where do you even begin to figure out what you need and what you don't. What's overkill and what's unprepared. Which way is up and how do I get out of here? These are all valid questions that I , as well as thousands of others have had to deal with. If you've found this article your dealing with it too. Welcome to web hosting anonymous. Grab a chair and a coffee, I'm here to help.

Before beginning your search for a hosting provider you first have to determine what your needs are. How big of a website are you planning on building. If yours is a niche site, then your needs are completely different from a mammoth ecommerce site like Amazon or iTunes. As you'll see once you begin to search out hosting providers the differences in the price brackets is astounding. No matter what your website encompasses there is a web package built for you with a price you can afford. Everything from free advertising supported sites to several thousand dollar per month dedicated hosting and server farm setups, you can spend as much or as little as your business will need to transition onto the web.

As with any startup there will be growing pains. Again this holds true if we are talking about a personal website selling your handmade cat shoes, or you are launching the next Etrade. Be prepared to go through a period of testing and retesting your website. It is not uncommon to put your site up onto your hosting services system for weeks or months testing and retesting the site until it is ready for public consumption. And consumption is the name of the game when it comes to the web. When most people think of consumption they think of it only in the sense of the physical act of purchasing and using an item . The Big Mac eaten, or the DVD watched, but your first rule of consumption with the internet is bandwidth consumption and managing that against your number of visitors.

If you don't have any traffic you have no bandwidth usage. This is bad. Whether you are selling shiny widgets or slinging advertisements for pay per click, if you don't have eyeballs you don't have a prayer. On the flip side having an abundance of traffic and a very extensive website can kill you, if you are going over your bandwidth allotment form your hosting provider. Like any other aspect in life or business you have to find that perfect balance to keep your site running smooth and turning a profit.

So remember when searching out hosting packages look for larger bandwidth, lots of support, and a pricing structure you can live with that meets your needs and gives you a sense of confidence.
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