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Should You Just Pick An Inexpensive Web Hosting Provider Or Are There Other Factors To Consider?

Jan 18, 2008
A lot of web hosting companies offer affordable web site hosting services. But when you sign up with a hosting provider don't concentrate on the price factor alone. Every provider's hosting plan is different. Apart from price you also need to concentrate on a few other features of the hosting plan. Here are some of the key aspects that one needs to look into before signing up with a web hosting company:

Purpose: Is the hosting for personal or business use? Think about how many websites you are planning to have. Bear in mind that just because your web site is for personal use it does not mean your requirements will be any less. The next thing to think about when determining the purpose is what exactly is your website going to do? Is it going to transfer music or video files or are you go to blog or is it just an information site.

Storage Space: This is similar to your computer storage. The storage space offered by the hosting provider should be able to accommodate all the files of your web site. The more the storage offered the better. These days a lot of hosting providers offer a few Giga Bytes of storage.

Data Transfer: This is basically the size of your files multiplied by the number of visitors to your site. Again a lot of hosting providers offer data transfer that runs into atleast a few hundreds of Giga Bytes. If your hosting company does not offer a reasonable amount of data transfer then they will charge you an extra amount whenever you exceed the data transfer you originally signed up for.

Reliable Customer Service: You will need their help more often than not. You don't want to end up with some one who signs you up and then completely forgets you. You need someone who has a good reputation in the industry. If they have received customer service awards then that is a good indicator of their service levels.

Multiple Domain Hosting: You might start with one site and then might soon add another one. You never know. Sign up with some one who offers multiple site hosting. The last thing you want is to pay for every additional site you put up in the cyber world.

Email Creations:

Look into how many email accounts you are entitled to have for every website you host with them. You should have the ability to download your email to your computer (POP3). The facility to check you email online (through a browser) would be nice. Another feature though not essential for home users is the IMAP Support to your email accounts - basically this means the mail resides on an IMAP server and you can check your email from any computer. This is useful for businesses.

Database Support: The host should support databases of some format. Even if you might not need one today you might need one in the future. If you are choosing a provider for your business then this requirement is a must.

And finally the pricing structure: The whole web site hosting providers' industry has become very competitive. A lot of companies offer heaps of features with their hosting plans at an extremely affordable place. Affordable Web Site Hosting Services has almost become the norm of the industry. So look around. Understand the features offered. Ask them if you have any questions. And finally when you find the right one remember that these days you don't have to pay lots to get a good provider.
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Sandy Naidu runs a website called Affordable Web Site Hosting Services. On this site she has step by step tutorials about registering a domain name, choosing the right hosting provider, setting up your website with the hosting provider and how to start wordpress blogs. All the tutorials have images which makes understanding and implementing them easy.
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