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What is Search Engine Optimisation

Jan 19, 2008
If you have been a webmaster or website owner for long, chances are that you are already well aware of the fact that actinic SEO is an important means of getting valuable traffic to your website. There are several different ways of going about optimising your website to perfection, but in order to make is as easy as possible it is important to take it one step at a time. Your website must be optimised with keywords, and the keywords are included in specific areas of your site or in content that leads to your site. It sounds rather complicated, but it really is quite simple. You formulate your content to fit the needs of the people who are searching in your given category.

One of the requirements of actinic SEO is to do some keyword research. Keyword research is about finding out what specific phrases people are typing in to get information on your given topic or subject. The purpose of actinic SEO is to gear content toward fulfilling those needs. Whichever are more common are the keywords that you are going to want to use in your content. For example, if you run a website about cat collars you are going to find out what people are punching into the major search engines to find information on cat collars. Writing content to include those major keywords is necessary if you want to get high search engine rankings.

Making your home page user friendly may not involve the use of keywords, but it also helps to make your page something that users will be better able to navigate. If you have a lot of flash animation or videos or graphics on your page that will slow down the scrolling process or cause it to take a long time to load, then you may want to consider eliminating them from your page. It can be difficult to take them off completely, but a blander, more user friendly page will help you to keep your users there and keep them happy, so that they want to return to your page again and your actinic SEO will be successful.

Search engine rankings are important to the success of any website. If you aren't sure of where to begin with your actinic SEO plans, start out by doing some keyword research and applying it toward some content. If you must, employ the services of a ghost writer who knows what to do. Actinic SEO is an important part of any website's success.
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