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Finding Great Domain Names In A Different Way

Jan 19, 2008
Those on the prowl for a great domain name to coincide with their business name, service area or focus topic are likely to find many of the good names are already gone. The reality is it is becoming very hard to find a fantastic domain name. With more than 25 million dot com names already registered and thousands more selling each day, the prospect is daunting.

Unfortunately, a good domain name is often vital for the success of an online business. Names that are easy to remember, describe a product or service or fit in with the niche tend to be the hardest to find available. These names, especially the dot com ones, are becoming very hard to find.

Since these names are linked to site success, a lot of people seek them out by others means. Buying them from others who have already purchased and registered them can get very costly. Some dot com names are fetching prices in the millions, so it can seem like finding a good one would be impossible.

Domain name buying and selling is becoming a rather big business. Corporate buyers and private investors are making big bucks buying, registering and then selling names. Many sites have sprung up that deal in the trading of registered names. Even eBay has domain names listed on its auction site.

Despite the competition for some of the better names, there is still a rich source of possibilities out there. Some investors are finding their niche in buying expired domain names. The truth is there are tons of names out there that have expired or cancelled registrations. This arena has big financial potential.

An expired domain is nothing more than one that was registered in the past, but was never renewed. This means the name goes back into the pot of available names for anyone to be able to buy and register. There are all sorts of reasons why this happens, including failure to pay, forgetfulness, a loss of interest, the company is no longer in business and what have you. Whatever the case, these names are once again on the market. These domains can be particularly lucrative to snatch up. The reality is many of these sites have traffic established, incoming links and so on. They can be ideal for those who want to get into the buying and selling game and even provide great potential for those who simply want to rebuild the domain for their own personal use.

Finding domains that have expired or are about to is becoming a much less difficult process. There are tools available that help potential buyers find expired domains and even those that can zero in on domains that are soon to expire.

Coming up with a great domain name is often the lifeblood of an online business. Whether you're looking to launch a site or you simply want to get into the buying and selling aspect of the game, expired or soon-to-expire domains can be a great way to go. This route opens the door for better names, and it can even be rather lucrative.
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