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Discovering Your Computer's Spyware Infestation.

Aug 17, 2007
Internet users are continually surprised at the numerous spyware infected files they find on their computers once they finally hear the advice to run a spyware tool along with anti-virus and firewall protection. Users have been unfortunately unaware about spyware until recently, when the threats have become more prevalent. A computer can be fully secure against viruses intruding but that software will not protect against spyware because the codes are detected differently.

Spyware tracks, records and sends out your computer usage information and some types can log your personal credit, bank account and social security numbers which can result in identity theft. The most benign type of spyware infects and uses the information it finds to target you with advertisements through email and pop up. More dangerous spyware comes in many forms, such as keyloggers, which can detect and log your usernames, passwords, credit card number, etc.

Cookies are capable of tracking you while visiting nearly any web site. They use the information tracked and other sources to find private information about you. Adware is privacy invasive software that tracks your internet usage, downloads, computer habits and more then uses the information to target product specific ads to your computer.

Your computer has become infected with spyware in one or more of many different ways. Some users allow spyware in along with downloads such as music and game freeware. Emails can have spyware attached to it and upon your approval to download the attachment, spyware is installed in your computer. Hackers can find open port in your computer that they use to install spyware, viruses, etc at their whim. Keyloggers and other malicious spyware applications are installed through downloads or physically, often by employers or spouses.

To protect your privacy and computer it is necessary for internet users to find a program that scan and protects specifically against spyware. Anti-virus and firewalls are also necessary protective software but spyware specific programs are needed due to the high number of spyware threats. Spy Sweeper is a good program to start with when scanning your system. Other highly regarded spyware tools are AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy. Both scan your system for spyware and other similar threats and they also have features to help immunize and actively protect your computer from certain defined threats.
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