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Use Graphics To Highlight Your Guarantee

Jan 19, 2008
There are many parts to a good sales page. The headline, the unique selling proposition, the features and benefits, the call to action, to name a few. One of the most important parts of your sales page is your guarantee. The correct use of graphics can add real punch to your guarantee and make it much more effective.

All the parts of your sales page have specific purposes. The headline grabs their attention, the unique selling proposition convinces your prospect that your product is better than anyone else's, the benefits convince your prospect that he needs the product because of everything it will do for him.

As each part has a specific job in the selling process, you want to make sure your prospect doesn't miss any of the sections. The proper use of graphics to draw attention to each of those sections and to highlight each section gives you a better chance at making sure your prospective customer gets all the messages necessary to create a buying decision.

Your guarantee is no different. The guarantee is an important part of your sales process. The guarantee creates the comfort level that the customer needs to feel before the buying action can take place. A prospect that is not comfortable with your offer because they may be taking a risk, will not buy. On the other hand, a customer that knows he has no risk is that much closer to making a positive buying decision.

As an important part of the sales process you want to emphasize the guarantee. You want to make sure your visitor does not miss your guarantee. The correct graphic elements will draw your prospects attention to the guarantee and make sure your visitor gets the warm fuzzy secure feeling that a guarantee provides.

To highlight your guarantee, the first thing you need is a guarantee medal or seal. There are many possibilities as to the design of the medal. The two things it needs to be is easily read, and large enough to make a significant impression on your visitor.

The second way to draw attention to your guarantee is to make sure it is set apart from the body of the sales page. This can usually be accomplished by utilizing tables with backgrounds that contrast with the body. Very often, in order to really emphasize the guarantee, the entire guarantee is made into a graphic. That way you can utilize all kinds of graphic vehicles to enhance and emphasize the guarantee.

One type of graphic I often see used is the use of the internet marketer's own handwriting, making the guarantee more personal and sincere. The only way to do that is with a graphic.

Your sales page is created to lead your prospective buyer step by step to the inevitable conclusion that a purchase must be made. Your guarantee is an important step in that process. The proper graphics in conjunction with a good guarantee will help seal the sale. If you use graphics to enhance your sales page, they will enhance your sales too.
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